Creative and disruptive thinking



Creative thinking for the workplace

How to start thinking differently about work challenges

Disruptive thinking:
Get clue hunting!

Disruptive thinking:
Think random

Disruptive thinking:
Break some rules

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Meet the speaker

Shelford ChandlerShelford Chandler | | @shelfgiant

As the founding creative director of one of the UK’s most successful independent marketing agencies, Shelford has spent over 20 years working with famous FMCG and retail brands; Vodafone, Nestle, Mars, McDonald’s and Carlsberg, to name a few.  

Now, as a creative consultant, he spends most of his time helping organisations unlock and liberate the creative potential of their own people.  

Shelford designs and facilitates creative workshops, helping diverse groups apply their creative energies to generate innovative ideas and solve business challenges. He also 'trains' teams in creative thinking tools, techniques and behaviours.  

Shelford passionately believes that everyone has the ability to be creative, that creativity can be demystified and 'trained' to arm individuals with the skills and confidence to realise their creative potential, and that group creativity (involving not just the usual suspects!) can be motivating, empowering and inspire fresh thinking and innovative ideas.