Top resources for the personal skills you need to cope with immediate changes to working life

Keynote for Leaders: psychological effects of Covid-19

Better understand and manage the implications of Covid-19 from a mental health and wellbeing perspective

Wellbeing: Looking after yourself

Learn how to bring greater awareness to your wellbeing

Wellbeing: Managing the frazzle

Techniques on regulating your emotions to build your resilience

Wellbeing: Staying cool under pressure

Techniques to help you keep focused and manage your attention

Understand your own resilience

Discover the four types of resilience and key strategies to cope with adversity.

Self-awareness in uncertainty

Four positive impacts of self-awareness in times of uncertainty.


Using reflection to navigate challenges

Find out what reflection is and how to use it to make sense of and navigate through challenges.


Two simple tools to manage your time effectively

Managing your time effectively will help you be more productive and less stressed at work.


Work prioritisation tool

A simple tool to help you prioritise your time effectively.



Preparing for difficult conversations

Practical steps to consider when preparing for potentially difficult conversations at work.


Adopt an agile and digital approach

Learn how agile ways of working can help you be more responsive to change.

Understanding psychological safety

Five principles of psychological safety and the impact it can have on your team’s success..


Flexible line management

In this webcast you will learn how to manage your team and flex your resource when business priorities change.

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