How to use our free learning offer to support development plans for your team

Date : 06 December 2021

In this guide, we share how our learning programmes can support your people development plans, and ideas to help you the most out of it for free.

Our why

The food and consumer goods industry plays a vital role in feeding the nation and must accelerate efforts to build a workforce fit for the future. IGD has the unique ability to bring together stakeholders from across the whole food and consumer goods system and is perfectly positioned to support businesses to create workplaces where everyone can thrive.



The Attract Develop Thrive campaign highlights how IGD’s employability and free learning programmes, and economics research, are relevant to the external landscape and will help the industry address the challenges faced and demonstrate how these programmes can have a positive impact.

  • IGD attracts young people to our workforce through our work experience programme and workshops 
  • IGD builds the knowledge and skills of industry colleagues, to foster an inclusive and productive workforce
  • IGD supports businesses to create workplaces where everyone can thrive  

What we do

We support businesses and people to thrive, helping make the food and consumer goods industry more productive.

We provide a life-long learning approach that inspires and supports our industry colleagues throughout their careers, building knowledge and developing capability.

We offer free learning programmes to give everyone in our industry the same opportunity to build great skills foundation.

We deliver inspiring life-long learning experiences that deliver impactful personal development.



Meeting your needs and delivering impact

Our industry groups for HR Leaders and L&D professionals enable us to stay at the forefront of learning to equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to seize the future.

Our role is to inspire industry colleagues at every stage of their career, aiding the development of relevant skills to help them meet the challenges of an ever-changing business climate.

We have some of the biggest names in FMCG represented across our industry working groups which you can see here.

In 2021 we provided free learning to thousands of industry colleagues from over 480 companies.

91% said this contributed to their personal development.

91% felt inspired to act.



Guide: How to get the most from our free offer, for your people
Download the quick guide to see four ways that you can get the most from our learning offer for free.

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Keeping up to date on the skills landscape

We regularly share insight which is perfect for L&D and those wanting to understand more about the evolving skills landscape.

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