Getting good work done when hybrid working

Date : 21 July 2022

There’s no doubt that in recent times, we’ve experienced big changes in the ways we interact with our colleagues and customers, and you’ve probably experienced difficulties in navigating between old and new ways of working, It’s time to re-imagine hybrid working! Watch the video for key insights and practical strategies that will enable you to find your balance and thrive in the workplace now.

In this webinar recording, you will:

  • Discover the four modes of working in a hybrid world
  • Learn practical strategies to make each one work for you
  • Learn new rules of engagement to find the right balance between focus and collaboration, and avoiding both dis-connection and over-connection
  • Explore mindset shifts to help make great work happen, individually or collectively, wherever you are

View time 55 mins


Grace Marshall, Think Productive

Grace Marshall
Think Productive