Supply chain mentoring

Supply Chain Mentoring

At a glance

Mentoring gives you and your supply chain talent the opportunity to connect with and learn from supply chain leaders and individuals in different businesses.

Duration: 8 months programme

Running: April – November

Format and number of sessions agreed with mentoring partner

Cost: Free    

We work with businesses around the industry to match individuals with industry leaders and experts. And here's the best part: it's a cross-company programme.

Everyone involved is partnered with someone from another, non-competing business, usually between suppliers and customer partners.

Benefits of being a mentor

Nurture rising stars within supply chain

Expand your leadership skillset through practicing mentoring

Share your experience more widely

Help others to see alternative perspective outside of their own organisation

It was hugely satisfying to work with a totally engaged individual who was prepared to listen to advice and accept coaching. To see my mentee develop this year has been a highlight for me Mentor

I am also really enjoying the sessions - I have seen my mentee grow as a leader, which is really rewarding. I am also growing as a coach and mentor as a result

Benefits of being a mentee

Become a more rounded supply chain professional by gaining a wider understanding and seeing                              perspectives from outside your own organisation

Increase your confidence by building a relationship with a senior leader

Address your specific skills or knowledge gaps to boost your expertise and career

Having a neutral contact has allowed me to be incredibly honest about my development needs…the breadth from understanding a different working culture and approach has been eye-opening

I have found the program really useful for my development. My mentor has been really supportive in helping me to grow my confidence as a leader. I have had some positive feedback that my confidence has grown this year as a result

Mentoring is right for you if:

You can commit to at least 3 mentoring sessions between April and November

Your organisation is able to nominate a mentor and mentee to ensure that we have a balance of                          participants

You work for a supplier of FMCG products, or a customer (i.e. retailer, wholesaler or foodservice                      provider)

The details

Please download the guide to find out how the registration process works and what you can expect from your mentoring experience.

What happens next?

To register your organisation to take part in the programme, please complete the below form.

If you would like to become a mentor or mentee, speak with your relevant HR lead. You will be asked to complete an application form that will help us find you a match.

This programme is currently in progress. Fill in your details to find out more about the programme and how to be involved next year.

Registration for supply chain mentoring 2023 is now open. If you are interested in taking part, please inform your company sponsor or email Robin Decent at [email protected].

If you would like to be a company sponsor and fit the criteria in the guide, please register your interest below.

Please note that to take part, you must work for a customer (ie retailer, wholesaler or foodservice provider) or supplier of FMCG products. Each business involved will be asked to nominate both mentors and mentees to guarantee each participant a partner.