The secret to unlocking a successful career

Date : 19 October 2022

Have you recently made a move into a new role or company? Or perhaps you’re taking on new responsibilities which mean building relationships with different people? Get off to the best possible start by watching this video that will open your eyes to the benefits of being unapologetically you at work!

In this interactive webinar recording, you will:

  • Explore why being your true self at work is the most important asset you have for a great career in our industry
  • Understand your values and characteristics and how to use them to build relationships and be yourself confidently

The session is led by guest speaker Liz Villani from Be Yourself At Work, a movement that champions individuals to be uniquely themselves in the workplace.

How to watch

We recommend downloading the accompanying interactive workbook so that you can complete the activities alongside the recording and save for future reference.

View time 39 mins

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Liz Villani, Courageous Success

Liz Villani
Be Yourself At Work