EU Exit: Government webinars for agri-food importers

Date : 16 February 2021

The next phase of changes to UK border operation will occur on 01 April 2021. Agri-food products entering the UK will be affected by this and also by the final phase, which will occur on 01 July.

To ensure that border systems are ready, the UK government has carried out a full review and will begin “real world” testing of systems with selected business users in March.

Introduction of SPS checks for a wider selection of agri-food goods may be especially challenging for businesses. The goods affected will be:

  • Products of animal origin
  • Animal by-products
  • Fish
  • Plants
  • High-risk foods not of animal origin

A series of webinars will run through February and into March, to help businesses prepare. Registration is now open – note that this link will connect to a non-government website.

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