Webinar: Navigating beyond coronavirus - how could sustainability evolve?

12 August | 11.00AM

Event overview

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives in the past months. It has helped underline the importance of a robust and resilient food system that functions in all circumstances.

There is also an increasing awareness, both across businesses and society more broadly, of the interrelations between our health, ecosystems, supply chains, consumption patterns and planetary boundaries. It’s clear that we need to do much more to keep ourselves and the planet healthy as we prepare for future challenges to our food system – whether pandemics, extreme weather, changing climate, natural disasters or new pests.

IGD has developed five hypotheses of how sustainability could evolve. The report takes a deeper dive into the specifics of sustainability.

Why join this webinar?

As we emerge from this crisis phase and look ahead, the sustainability issues faced by the UK food system remain as significant as they were before Covid-19, despite the disruption and challenges posed. There are some new tensions to manage, yet the same issues exist.

In this webinar, we’ll explore these with two of IGD’s experts in this area, examining and suggesting implications for now and longer term.

Meet the speakers

Alan Hayes

Alan Hayes, Head of Technical Programmes, IGD

Alan heads up the delivery of IGD’s sustainability programmes - food waste reduction, food surplus redistribution, sustainable packaging systems and supply chain collaboration. This includes development of thought leadership and future programme direction, with a significant element of stakeholder engagement across the food & grocery industry.

Toby Pickard

Toby Pickard, Head of Insight - Innovation & Futures, IGD

Toby leads IGD research on innovations and future trends, he specialises in innovations and trends, and the impact they could have on retailers, suppliers and shoppers. Toby supports IGD's channel events, research and training programmes. His work focuses on innovations, digital insights, sustainability strategies and macro trends within the food and grocery sector to create strategic insights for industry.

Webinar: Navigating beyond Coronavirus - how will sustainability evolve?