Webinar: IGD Economic Update – April 2021

21 April 2021 11:00am

Event overview

Having navigated the first few months of a new relationship with the EU, and as we begin to look ahead to the post-pandemic landscape, we have been trying to understand what the future holds for food and consumer goods businesses, asking ourselves questions such as:

  • How quickly could the economy recover?
  • How confident are shoppers feeling?
  • Who will benefit from the recovery - and who risks being left behind?
  • What are the key challenges for food and consumer goods businesses?

We’ve also reflected on what it means to have left the EU, conducting indepth interviews with supply chain and logistics experts to consider possible evolution of supply chains in this post-EU period.

Join James Walton, IGD’s Chief Economist and Michael Freedman, Senior Shopper Insight Manager as they share insight and analysis from our latest research.

Please note that content is subject to change.

Meet the speakers

James Walton

James Walton

Chief Economist, IGD

James’ role at IGD is to help businesses anticipate and cope with strategic events, including: economic pressures, geo-political change, social developments and environmental stress.

James is well known for speaking at both UK and international events and provides interviews for TV, radio and the press. He also creates original reports and articles for IGD.

James has worked with clients across the entire grocery industry as well as with non-industry groups such as government departments, financial businesses and NGOs.

James joined IGD in April 1999 and has served in several roles, becoming Chief Economist in 2004.

Prior to joining IGD, he worked for Hillsdown Holdings, Northern Foods and Rank-Xerox.


Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman

Senior Shopper Insight Manager

Michael has responsibility for all IGD’s shopper insight focusing on IGD’s Shopper Confidence Index, and how shopper behaviour is changing due to key events such as COVID-19 and EU exit. Michael also focuses on shopper insight relating to health and wellness, sustainability and multichannel shopping.

Michael is an experienced presenter, regularly delivering actionable shopper insights. He has over 20 years’ agency and client-side experience in managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research projects. He was previously Senior Insight Manager at Which? and has worked at both GfK Market Research and Research International.

IGD Economic Update - April 2021