Webinar: Understand the impact of
HFSS restrictions on our industry and your shoppers

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Food retail is changing, and businesses need to prepare now.

Restrictions on promoting foods high in fat, salt and sugar will come into force in October 2022, and are estimated to negatively impact sales by £1.1 Billion1. The restrictions will prevent many products being located in premium store space. Additionally, they restrict the use of volume price promotions, which currently cause shoppers to buy around 20% more food than they otherwise would2.

We want to help industry plan for October 2022 and beyond, so we’ve undertaken extensive shopper research, using in-store eye tracking alongside other methodologies, to understand the potential impact of new regulations on shoppers.

In this free webinar, Insight and Nutrition experts will summarise the regulations, their impact on your business and your shoppers, as well as highlighting business opportunities.

We’ll finish by facilitating a live Q&A – so please get involved.


Why join this webinar?

Aimed at food retailers and manufacturers, this webinar will help you understand the restrictions and plan for the future of food retail.

The webinar will be particularly relevant for those working in category management, store planning and corporate affairs functions, as well as marketing, nutrition and innovation teams.



  • 1 IRI, July 2021
  • 2 https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/restricting-promotions-of-food-and-drink-that-is-high-in-fat-sugar-and-salt

Meet the speakers

Rhian Thomas, Head of Insight - ShopperVista & FTG, IGD

Rhian Thomas

Head of Insight - ShopperVista & FTG, IGD


Rhian joined IGD at the start of 2015 and manages the Shopper Team leading projects for the ShopperVista service. She has over ten years’ experience designing and running research projects.

Prior to working for IGD she managed the Customer Insight Team at B&Q. Rhian has recently completed her MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice.

Hannah Skeggs (ANutr), Nutrition and Scientific Affairs Manager, IGD

Hannah Skeggs (ANutr)

Nutrition and Scientific Affairs Manager, IGD


Hannah is a registered nutritionist (ANutr), passionate about aligning commercial interest with nutrition excellence. Working in industry for Danone and Unilever, she successfully led reformulation projects to reduce fat, salt and sugar whilst maintaining taste and ensuring product growth.

As Nutrition & Scientific Affairs Manager at IGD, Hannah inspires a wide range of food and drink companies to offer healthier and more sustainable products.