One month to go: Brexit update webcast

Event overview

Brexit is scheduled for 29th March 2019 and yet, with the clock ticking down, there’s still no certainty on what this will really mean for food and grocery businesses in the UK and the EU.

We continue to discuss planning for a No Deal Brexit extensively with various government departments and through our industry expert groups.

Join us for our "One month to go: Brexit update webcast" on the 27th February for a live discussion with IGD’s James Walton, Chief Economist,  and Jon Woolven, Strategy and Innovation Director, chaired by Haidee Elise.

  1. Latest update 
  2. Business challenges ahead
  3. The shoppers perspective 
  4. How IGD can help

Please note: Brexit is a fast-evolving topic; IGD may change the content of the webcast according to the news agenda, in order to bring you the most relevant information.

Who it's for

This webinar is for anyone interested in the topic, in particular SMEs and middle management level across the Category, Shopper, Commercial and Supply Chain functions.

Meet the speakers

James Walton

James Walton

Chief Economist, IGD

James’ role at IGD is to help businesses anticipate and cope with strategic events, including: economic pressures, geo-political change, social developments and environmental stress.

James is well known for speaking at both UK and international events and provides interviews for TV, radio and the press. He also creates original reports and articles for IGD.

James has worked with clients across the entire grocery industry as well as with non-industry groups such as government departments, financial businesses and NGOs.

James joined IGD in April 1999 and has served in several roles, becoming Chief Economist in 2004.

Prior to joining IGD, he worked for Hillsdown Holdings, Northern Foods and Rank-Xerox.

Jon Woolven

Jon Woolven

Strategy & Innovation Director, IGD

Jon is responsible for promoting and nurturing new initiatives and for overseeing flagship research projects at IGD, the research and training charity that helps the food and grocery industry to deliver the needs of the public.

He oversees IGD’s work on Brexit, helping companies to prepare for the changes and maintain their service to consumers.

He established IGD’s Healthy Eating programme, working with a wide variety of companies to promote best practice and support public health.

Jon joined IGD in June 1994 to lead the Market Intelligence team and his subsequent roles have included heading up IGD’s work on farming, science, supply chain, sustainability and economics.

Prior to this, Jon spent 14 years in a variety of business analysis and project leader roles with Alcan Aluminium.

Haidee Elise

Haidee Elise

Head of Charity Engagement and Innovation Projects, IGD

Haidee has worked within the food and grocery industry for over 12 years and joined IGD 6 years ago. Haidee currently works over a variety of IGD’s charitable initiatives such as Healthy Eating, Free Learning and Brexit.

Haidee regularly chairs events, over the past couple of years she has chaired IGD’s ‘Leading Edge Annual Conference’ and ‘Evening With’ events. Guest speaker live Q&A sessions include food & grocery industry VIPs and Sir Lenny Henry.