Impact learning series:
Create a growth mindset and achieve your goals

Impact learning series: Create a growth mindset and achieve your goals

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At a glance

Get the tools, inspiration, and confidence to help you make an impact at work through this short, interactive learning series.

 3 hours

13 January;  20 January;  27 January

Virtual events


Why is this important?

January is the perfect time of year to gain clarity about what you want to achieve in the year ahead and consider how you are going to approach your development with the energy and intent that you need to achieve those goals.

What you will learn

In the space of three weeks, you will:

Increase your awareness by exploring what motivates and drives you

Build your own development plan

Have a better understanding of growth mindset and how to use it to achieve your goals

This course is right for you if:

You are keen to increase your impact at work and show a proactive approach to your personal development. You may have a career goal in mind and are looking for inspiration and insight to help you take the next step and create a plan to achieve it. You may have recently taken on a new role or responsibilities or are aiming to do so soon.

You can commit to around one hour of learning per week (three hours learning hours across three weeks). Webinars will also be recorded.

Career goals are unique, so this learning series is suitable for those in all functions and experience levels within the industry.


Action orientated, came away with some simple skills that I can use straight away.

I liked the reflection aspect…and made me challenge my thinking through the session.

Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar, great tips to follow and engaging host.

The details

This learning series includes three virtual events and accompanying resources. It’s hosted on our learning platform, and you’ll receive log in details for this via email.

Webinar one:

13 January 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Join expert Liz Villani, Courageous Success, to explore your own motivations and purpose, with the aim of gaining more clarity about your goals.

Webinar two:

20 January 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Join expert Liz Villani, Courageous Success, to understand growth mindset, how to fuel it and what might get in the way.


27 January 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Join us for an energising, practical and interactive workshop in which you will:

Discover more practical tips about how to create an effective personal development plan that pushes you out of your comfort zone

Hear from and connect with others from industry to gain inspiration and feedback

Accompanying resources

These will be available to help you reflect or catch up in your own time.

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