Congratulations to all our winners from 2017 and previous winners of the IGD Awards.

The IGD Leading Edge Award won by Susan Connolly from SPAR

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David Wilkinson, HR Director at Premier Foods, said: “Susan Connolly from Connolly Spar emerged as a clear winner in this category, delivering to a high standard within a strong field. Her commitment to the sector as a whole goes beyond her own company and it's clear that she strives to take the industry on her journey. This, combined with her energy, commitment and passion, is what set her apart for this award.

“The Connolly family’s Spar store in Appleby Westward is a showcase for innovation and the use of technology. Furthermore, all four Connolly Spar stores combine sound business management with a strong sense of community and employee engagement. Through Susan’s leadership they are well placed to grow further in the future.”

Past winners

2016 - Kristopher Gibbon-Walsh, Fareshare 2015 - Victoria Russell, Charlie Bighams
2014 - Pippa Rodgers, Waitrose
2013 - Charlotte Bearn
2012 - Jacqueline Stewart

The IGD Employee Wellbeing Award won by ABP UK

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Steve Godwin, Head of External and Government Affairs, Danone, said: “ABP UK’s Anti-Modern Slavery initiative is truly pioneering. It focuses on an issue for too long ignored in our society and has the ability to bring about real, country-wide change.

“It is innovative and different, and has achieved measurable, positive results for the business. It has positively impacted the lives of its workers on both a professional and personal level.

“This initiative has the potential to influence the way that we approach employability throughout the supply chain and especially in the traditionally tough environment of the manufacturing world. I look forward to learning more about the impacts on ABP itself and on the world around it.”

Previous winners

2016 - Bel

The IGD Employability Award won by Diageo

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Nigel Perry, Group People and Change Director at 2 Sisters Food Group, said: “In an incredibly close category, Diageo’s Learning for Life Programme is an outstanding initiative that creates life-changing opportunities for long-term unemployed people, equipping them with the skills, qualifications and confidence to establish and develop careers within the food and drink sector. The programme is delivered by a passionate and proud team and is already creating a real sense of purpose for 1,000 recipients.”

Past winners

2016 - Marshfield Bakery
2015 - Central England Co-operative
2014 - Marks and Spencer
2013 - Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc
2012 - KP Snacks

The IGD John Sainsbury Learning & Development Award won by CHEP

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Stuart Comer, Head of Learning and Development at Sainsbury’s, said: “CHEP has clearly demonstrated how an innovative and engaging approach to learning and development can not only transform employee engagement and capability, but also how it can become a game changer in shaping business strategy and direction. A truly global initiative, its virtual reality approach to enhancing ‘the last mile’ has created added value well beyond its traditional business boundaries, and enabled CHEP to understand its customers and therefore build credible solutions in partnership.”

Past winners

2016 - The Co-operative Group
2015 - Moy Park
2014 - Aimia Colition Loyalty
2013 - CPM United Kingdom Ltd
2012 - Premier Foods

The IGD Health & Wellness Award won by Danone

Rachel Bradford, Nutrition and Scientific Affairs Executive at IGD, said: “Danone’s ‘Healthy Eating for Young Children’ programme was incredibly impressive and demonstrates a clear and strong level of understanding of its audience, while also showing a genuine vested interest in boosting the self-esteem of those taking part. The social initiative, created and led by Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition, will improve the future health of young children, by encouraging parents to learn and develop skills that will improve their health. The judges were particularly impressed with the sustainability of the project, with useful resources that parents can continue to refer to plus a ‘train the trainer’ scheme.”

Past winners

2016 - MH Foods
2015 - Greggs
2014 - Tesco and More Drinks
2013 - Sainsbury's
2012 - PepsiCo UK & Ireland

The IGD Sustainable Futures Award won by Toast Ale

Category judge Alan Hayes, Sustainability & Strategy Manager at IGD, said: "Toast Ale was a standout winner to the judges and exceeded all the criteria we were looking for in this category. The company has created fantastic products that drives significant environmental benefits, not only addressing the problem of bread waste but also tackling the underlying causes.

“Over a short period of time the company has experienced significant growth, creating an award-winning beer from bread that would otherwise go to waste. Bringing forward innovative business models, Toast Ale will have tremendous impact addressing a very real issue for the industry and consumers, while donating all funding to Feedback charity.

"We've seen evidence of this campaign contributing positive connections within industry, which has seen it being recognised by mainstream big players in the sector. While the approach is radical it is effective, and we would encourage similar models of this kind in the fight against food waste."

Past winners

2016 - Tesco
2015 - Wyke Farms
2014 - Marks and Spencer

The IGD Supply Chain Innovation Award won by Morrisons and Blue Yonder

Susan McGeorge, Supply Chain Director, UK & Western Europe at Kimberly-Clark, said: “Morrisons partnered with Blue Yonder to implement an impressive supply chain solution, using AI and cloud technology, that has improved a key business metric – on-shelf availability.

“The solution was developed with the customer firmly at the heart and the judges were particularly impressed by the boldness of the timelines. Having identified the business need, Morrisons’ innovative approach has helped it move from design to implementation very quickly, delivering impressive results for the business.”

Past winners

2016 - Hubbub
2015 - SOMI Trailers
2014 - Kellogg's
2013 - Tesco Stores Ltd
2012 - Nestlé

The IGD Digital Engagement Award won by Spoon Guru 

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John Maltman, Chief Executive of E Fundamentals, said: “Spoon Guru is a really good example of how technology can be used to solve a real problem for lots of shoppers: how to find products that fit with their dietary needs. The team created an innovative solution and has moved at impressive speed to deliver at scale.

“Spoon Guru is creating partnerships with many retailers around the world to create a commercial proposition and make a real difference to shoppers’ lives. The team are clearly very passionate about what they do and theirs is a story to track.”

Past winners

2016 - Mondelez
2015 - PepsiCo UK
2014 - Meny AS
2013 - Asda

The IGD Small Business Award won by FUEL 10K 

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Michael Fletcher, Commercial Director at Co-op Food, said: “This was a fiercely competitive category, but ultimately after a photo finish, FUEL 10K was the winner of the Small Business award. There are so many aspects of its development that the judges loved.

“This challenger brand took on established brands in a declining category and has continued to evolve smartly through NPD, digital innovation and the evolution of its striking design. It demonstrated great collaboration with retailers to develop the brand, working with stores to show off its products to their best. Fuel must also be congratulated for its digital innovation, building its database, including sponsoring individual and team achievements in return for social likes and shares.”

Past winners

2016 - Kiddylicious
2015 - HotHouse
2014 - Heck Food
2013 - Innis and Gunn
2012 - Macsween of Edinburgh

The IGD Business Transformation Award won by Co-op Food

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Matt Clark, Director at KPMG, said: “The Co-op is a great example of a business which has gone from near extinction to resurgence and growth to make itself relevant again in a fast-paced market.

“On top of being able to demonstrate strong financial results, the scale and complexity of its transformation story enabled it to get back to its core values and simplify the business, all whilst remaining focused on its people, members and community. Congratulations to The Co-op!”

Past winners

2016 - Karro Food Group
2015 - Thatcher's Cider
2014 - LJ Fairburn & Son
2013 - Joint winners: Tesco and P&G
2012 - Mondelez International

The IGD Supply Chain Collaboration Award won by Colgate-Palmolive and Tesco

Category judge Wendy Manning, VP of Customer Logistics at Coca-Cola European Partners, said: “Tesco and Colgate Palmolive have cracked the code of supply chain collaboration by introducing a process that has not only improved availability within Tesco stores and increased sales, but has taken steps to ensure that the ultimate measure of success is on the shopper – key to adding value in today’s challenging marketing environment. While this type of collaboration may not be new, it’s clear that as a team they have been able to look at it through new eyes to produce a process that has been efficiently defined, implemented and is already delivering results.

“Through a pooling of resources data and mindset, working from the shopper backwards, Colgate and Tesco have demonstrated the qualities of a successful supply chain collaboration and we’re delighted to recognise their efforts with this award.”

Past winners

2016 - Molson Coors

The IGD Innovative Store of the Year Award won by the Centra store in Dublin’s Parnell Street

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Angus Maciver, Chief Executive of McCurrach UK, said: “This was a hotly fought category with some really great entries, in particular the innovative petrol forecourt developments we are seeing internationally. However, the Centra store in Dublin’s Parnell Street stood out as our winner for its truly flexible format, appealing to many different shopper trends.

“The Irish convenience market has long been a source of inspiration for food-to-go. This store offers high-quality fresh food, brilliantly executed and really tailored to shoppers’ needs. Personalisation is at the heart of the range, with a team of passionate foodies on hand to create theatre for shoppers, whether they’re after food to eat now or food for later.

“The other highly innovative aspect of this Centra store is that the model is a scalable franchise, as fit for a city centre store as it is for the more urban and rural locations to which it’s already being rolled out. Congratulations to Centra!”

Past winners

2016 - 24 from Compass
2015 - Eat 17 at SPAR Hackney
2014 - Tesco Watford

The IGD Shopper Activation Excellence Award won by The Wrigley Company

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Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO at Savvy, said: “The Wrigley Company’s shopper activation project was outstanding and demonstrated true collaboration between a brand and a retailer.

“The project was a bold, creative and brave move, showing a desire to create long-term change. The judges were particularly impressed with the opportunity for longevity of the campaign, with benefits continuing for both businesses into the future.”

Past winners

2016 - Kerry Foods

The IGD Consumer Insight Excellence Award  won by dunnhumby, GSK and Tesco

Rupal Mathur, Shopper Insight Manager at IGD, said: “The GSK, dunnhumby and Tesco research project was truly customer-centric, using a range of methodologies and analysing all the data to help identify different needs states.

“This was a great example of manufacturer, retailer and agency coming together to identify promotional insights, which ultimately led to an uplift in sales. This piece of research also has great implications for the future, to potentially be rolled out across different categories and different retailers. Congratulations to GSK, dunnhumby and Tesco!”

Past winners

2016 - Molson Coors 2015 - United Biscuits
2014 - Heineken UK
2013 - Burton's Biscuits
2012 - McCain Foods

The IGD Food-to-Go Operator of the Year Award won by Subway

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Past winners

2016 - Greencore and The Co-operative

The IGD Online Retailer of the Year Award won by

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The Grocer Cup won by Malcom Walker, Founder and Executive Chairman of Iceland Foods

Past winners

2016 - Steve Murrells, The Co-operative Group
2015 - Zameer Choudrey, Bestway Wholesale Group
2014 - Steve Rowe, Marks and Spencer
2013 - Fiona Dawson, Mars
2012 - Ranjit Singh Boparan, 2 Sisters

The IGD Lifetime Achievement Award won by Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s Brands at Sainsbury’s

Past winners

2016 - Gillian Barker, GroceryAid
2015 - Michael Griffin, Wellness Foods and Richard MacDonald, Moy Park Ltd
2014 - Steve Newiss, Burton's
2013 - Peter Barr

The IGD President’s Cup was won by Sainsbury’s

Past winners

2016 - Premier Foods 2015 - The Co-operative
2014 - Dairy Crest
2013 - Greencore
2012 - Sainsbury's

The IGD Retailer of the Year Award won by Marks & Spencer

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