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Full Retail Profiles

Bizim Toptan Mağazacılık A.Ş.

Company Headquarters: İstanbul

About: Bizim Toptan, which was incorporated in 2001 and operated in 2002, is the biggest Cash & Carry player in Turkey by means of number of stores and accessibility. The company was included in the Fortune 500 Research as the 63rd largest company in Turkey as of the end of 2020. Bizim Toptan is one of the strongest companies of Cash & Carry market in terms of the ability to satisfy customer needs with its nationwide portfolio consisting of 5000 SKUs. The company operates a chain of wholesale Cash & Carry stores throughout Turkey from which it sells mainly branded food products, non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, household chemicals and personal hygiene products. At the end of 2020, the Company's total net sales area has been 175,600 m2 and the number of active customers has been 2.2 million. The main customers of the Company are wholesalers, traders, grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets , specialized retailers, Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) and corporate companies.

Turnover: 118.6 Million EUR

Affiliates: Yıldız Holding

Stores: 173


Cencosud S.A.

Company Headquarters: Av. Presidente Kennedy 9001, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Our Goal: Cencosud fulfills its mission of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its customers, employees, and the community they are part of.

Who we are: We are one of the largest and most prestigious retail conglomerates in Latin America. We have active operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia, where day-to-day we develop a successful multi-format strategy that today employs more than 117 thousand collaborators.

What we do: We are one of the leading multi-brand retailers in South America. We operate through many formats, including supermarkets, home improvement stores, shopping centers, department stores, and financial services (JV in most countries).

Turnover: In 2020 Total Sales :

  • CLP MM$9.836.117 (with IAS29 included)
  • Underlying EBIpA: CLP MM$ 910.632 (with IAS29 included)
  • Underlying Profit Attributable to Shareholders: MM$ 100.954

No. of Stores & Format Types: At December 31st 2020 Cencosud operates 1.064 stores located in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Our main formats are Supermarket, Home Improvement, Department Stores, Shopping Centers and Financial Services. Furthermore, Cencosud employs 117.638 collaborators.


Watch the video to find out more about Cencosud S.A

Dagab (Axfood)

Company Headquarters: Stockholm

About: Axfood is a leading food retail group in Sweden and the second largest player in the Swedish food retail market with a market share of approximately 20%. They are a family of distinctive food concepts that rest upon close collaboration. Their mission: To enable a better day where everyone can enjoy affordable, good and sustainable food.

Member of EMD since: 1995

Turnover: 5.4 billion EUR

Affiliates: 4. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 20%

Stores: 425


Watch the video to find out more about Dagab (Axfood)


Company Headquarters: Copenhagen

About: Dagrofa is not just one of the country's largest grocery groups. Dagrofa is also the only grocery group in Denmark that has independent grocers to operate the vast majority of the group's stores. Skilled merchants who every day give the Danes food experiences and get involved in the local community.

Member of EMD since: 2002

Turnover: 2.3 billion EUR

Affiliates: 6. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 6.7%

Stores: 569


Watch the video to find out more about Dagrofa

DFI Retail Group

Company Headquarters: 11/F Devon House, Taikoo Place 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Our Goal: To give our customers across Asia a store they TRUST, delivering QUALITY, SERVICE and VALUE.

Who we are: DFI Retail Group is a leading retailer in Asia. Millions of customers trust us to bring quality, service and value to their shopping experience every single day. Founded in 1886, today the Group and its associates and joint ventures employ over 230,000 team members in over 10,000 outlets across the region.

What we do: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Every day we offer leading brands, a compelling retail experience, great service and a multitude of trusted formats including grocery retail, convenience stores, health and beauty, home furnishings, restaurants and other retailing.

Turnover: In 2020 Total Sales:

  • US$28.2 billion
  • Underlying EBITDA: US$1,395 million
  • Underlying Profit Attributable to Shareholders: US$276 million

* Including 100% of associates and joint ventures

No. of Stores & Format Types: At 30th June 2021, the Group and its associates and joint ventures operated over 10,000 outlets and employed over 230,000 people.


ESD Italia

Company Headquarters: Milano

About: Mission: To optimise work flows with industry in pursuit of a common goal: to give customers good value for money and offer them high-quality products.

To achieve this, Selex has perfected a purchasing model that is both dependable and efficient as it streamlines processes and facilitates communications with suppliers.

When dealing with large national and international producer brands, Selex operates through ESD Italia Head Office. Selex uses its own Head Office at Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan) when dealing with SMEs and suppliers of fresh produce, fruit and vegetables and other locally made and typical Italian products. The same office also looks after private-label products and the cash & carry channel. Selex Head Office is in charge of coordinating some of the national promotional activities.

Member of EMD since: 1989

Turnover: 20.5 billion EUR

Sub-members: 36. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 23%

Stores: 5,293


Watch the video to find out more about Selex (ESD Italia)(Axfood)

Euromadi Iberica SA.

Company Headquarters: Barcelona

About: The Euromadi Group is a multisectoral purchasing and service center for commercial distribution. Its mission is to provide the maximum benefit to its associates through access to manufacturer-brand products at the best price, as well as a series of centralized and unified key services.

Member of EMD since: 1989

Turnover: 18.4 billion EUR

Sub-members: 137. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 24%

Stores: 13,709


Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding

Company Headquarters: St. Wendel, Germany

About: Globus is a family company who was founded over 190 years ago. For many people our hypermarktes are not just a place to shop, but also a place to live and meet in the region. Globus operates a total of 50 hypermarkets in Germany and employs around 19,000 people. With a turnover of 3.38 billion euros, the Globus hypermarkets are among the most important employers at the individual regions. Each Globus market is crafted to the wishes and needs of the people in the region. The focus lays on Globus in-house production. At the Globus butchers, master bakeries and restaurants, a large number of fresh and high-quality products are created every day.

Turnover: 3.38 Billion EUR

Stores: 50



Company Headquarters: Seoul

About: Homeplus started it business with 2 stores in 1999, and now operates 140 hypermarkets and 380 express stores with almost 11 trillion KRM in sales, which in turn becoming a company highly loved by customers. Homeplus is the leader on modernizing the retail industry with 'Value Store', the 'Third-Generation Touching Store', and opening Korea's first '3.5 Generation Green Store' as well as the 'Forth-Generation Smart Virtual Store'.

Member of EMD since: 2019

Turnover: 8,5 billion EUR

Marketshare: 6%

Stores: 882


Lenta LLC

Company Headquarters: St. Petersburg

About: Lenta is one of the largest retail chains in Russia and the country's second largest hypermarket chain. The company was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. Lenta operates 144 hypermarkets in 71 cities across Russia and 41 supermarkets in Moscow and St. Petersburg with a total of approximately 905,739 sq.m. of selling space. The average Lenta hypermarket store has selling space of 6,100 sq m. The company operates six distribution centres for hypermarkets and one for supermarkets. The company's stores base themselves on price-led hypermarkets and supermarket scheme. Lenta has more than 9.0 million active loyalty cardholders and approximately 93% of all sales in Lenta stores are tied to our loyalty card.

Member of EMD since: 2018

Turnover: 6.5 billion EUR

Stores: 100 Supermarkets + 232 Hypermarkets


MARKANT Deutschland

Company Headquarters: Offenburg

About: Our progressive, comprehensive solutions throughout your entire value chain help you to take your business units to the next level. Markant optimises processes and payment systems, provides you with data, improves planning security and take the burden off. This allows focus on the important things, such as achieving our goals.

Member of EMD since: 1989

Turnover : 65 billion EUR

Affiliates: 100. For the full list, visit

Marketshare: 22%

Stores: approx. 100’000, all types


C.I.V. Superunie B.A

Company Headquarters: Beesd

About: Superunie is a purchasing cooperative that represents 13 independent retail organizations in the Netherlands. The members of Superunie are mostly family businesses and retail cooperatives with often regional ties. The organization covers the market with more than 1,700 stores and has a market share of almost 30%. Superunie has been successful for over 60 years now.

Member of EMD since: 2006

Turnover: 11 billion EUR

Sub-members: 13. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 29%

Stores: 1’704


Topco Associates, LLC

Company Headquarters Place: 150 Northwest Point Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, Illinois U.S.A.

About: Topco Associates LLC is an over $15 billion, privately held, member-owned company that provides aggregation, innovation, and knowledge management solutions for its leading food industry member-owners, including grocery retailers, wholesalers, foodservice and pharmacy companies. Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge and commitment of these companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs and offering winning business-building capabilities. Topco creates award-winning own brands that build sales and loyalty to members’ stores. Our comprehensive portfolio enables members to reach a broad cross-section of shoppers with relevant, compelling offerings. In addition, we also collaborate on the management, procurement, and packaging design for participating members’ own brands. Ultimately, we partner with members to provide a total-store solution for their shoppers.

No. of Stores & Format Types: 46 members consisting of:

  • 22 U.S. retailers
  • 18 U.S. wholesalers
  • 3 International retailers
  • 1 Foodservice companies
  • 2 Pharmacy companies

Membership Breadth

  • 50 states, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • Over 15,000 stores
  • Over 64 million customers
  • Over 600,000 member employees
  • Over $190 billion in sales


Norges Gruppen - Unil

Company Headquarters: Oslo

About: Unil AS is responsible for import, development, purchasing and marketing of products under NorgesGruppen's own brands, and has a portfolio of approximately 4,000 products. Unil AS is owned by NorgesGruppen.
Brands are sold to both the grocery and catering sector (petrol stations, kiosks, fast food restaurants, canteens and hotels). Categories: food, pet food and non-food. They have strong brands such as a. First Price, Eldorado, Fauna and Jacobs Selected in their portfolio.

Member of EMD since: 2007

Turnover: 10 billion EUR

Affiliates: 7. For the full list, visit

Marketshare: 43%

Stores: 1’844


United Nordic

Company Headquarters: Stockholm

About: United Nordic was established in 1964 by a group of privately owned food wholesalers to conduct import of grocery products. Our purpose was – as it is today – to achieve optimal purchasing terms for our owners through a Nordic collaboration. The United Nordic partners forms today one of the largest wholesale and retail organizations in Northern Europe, with an annual total sale of approximately EUR 20 billion. The United Nordic owners – Dagrofa (Denmark) 33%, Axfood (Sweden) 33 % and NorgesGruppen (Norway) 34 % owns the company, while Martin & Servera is an associated member of United Nordic since 2012.

Member of EMD since: 1999

Turnover: 20 Billion EUR

Affiliates: 4. For a full list, visit

Marketshare: 25%

Stores: 4500


Wihuri Metro-Tukku

Company Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

About: Over 100 years of experience of daily consumer goods and food wholesale in Finland. Today most part of our customers are in food service business.

Turnover: 502 Million EUR (2020)

Market share: 27% in daily consumer goods and food service wholesale (Does not include retail business. Source: The Finnish Grocery Trade Association)

Stores: 19 cash & carry stores in Finland

Websites: https://,

Woolworths Group

Company Headquarters: Sydney

About: Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain. Operating 1052 stores across Australia. Woolworths relies on the 115,000 team members in stores, distribution centres and support offices to provide our customers with superior service, range, value and convenience. Woolworths prides itself on working closely with Australian growers and farmers to ensure the best products are available to customers. Sourcing 96% of all fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% of our fresh meat from Australian farmers and growers. This makes Woolworths Australia’s Fresh Food People. The Woolworths Food Company, a division of the Woolworths Group, is responsible for sourcing and developing Woolworths Supermarkets Own and Exclusive brand portfolio of products with a turnover of 8.1 Billion EUR.

Member of EMD since 2017

Turnover: 26.3 Billion EUR

Market share: 35%

Stores: 1052


Zhengzhou Ants Alliance Business Management CO.Lp

Company Headquarters: Building 01, No. 160-79 Eighth Street, Zhengzhou Zone, Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone (Economic Development Zone),China.

About: China regional small and medium-sized retail chain voluntary alliance organization, through private label development, global joint procurement, business school training, big data to provide services for regional small and medium-sized supermarket chains.

Turnover: 600 million RMB

Stores: So far, there are 76 member companies, including 6,500 stores. Comprehensive supermarkets, convenience stores, community stores, etc

Website: 蚂蚁商业联盟官网 (

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