08:20 | Breakfast briefing

How to meet your customer needs whilst delivering profitability

Emile Naus, Partner, Bearing Point



  1. Understanding your customer needs – fact vs fiction e.g. Amazon are driving for instant deliveries, but is this actually what people want?
  2. What does the customer need actually cost? And how does that impact profitability?
  3. What does this mean for the supply chain?

09:00 | Customer Centric - the business imperative


Chairman's welcome

James Walton, Chief Economist, IGD, Summit Chair



Cracking the customer centric code

Susan Barratt, Chief Executive Officer, IGD


Susan shares shoppers’ key concerns and the touchpoints for supply chain. Discover how a world of ever-increasing complexity needs end-to-end partnerships to deliver true consumer value.


Strengthen your team’s Brexit tactics…

Discover and learn from the safety measures your peers are taking


To be revealed…


The consumer, the shopper, the supply chain and WE

David Shaw, Northern Europe Supply Chain Director, Kraft Heinz


David has extensive commercial experience in leading consumer goods and electronics brands. He has transformed sceptical teams, helping them understand customers’ motives and focus on common interests.

David reveals the importance of partnerships that involve empathy, trust and long-term focus. They help us address challenges, remove costs and share efficiencies, and encourage co-creation of ideas.


Say goodbye to bad rubbish – the power of partnership

Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder, TerraCycle


Discover how TerraCycle is striving to eliminate waste and helping society move from disposable to durable.

TerraCycle's game-changing Loop™ ecommerce platform, announced at Davos earlier this year, will launch in Q4 with Tesco as the retail partner. Hear first-hand from its creator as Tom reveals how he partners with leading companies to implement circular economy practices.


Diets and disrupters – BAU supply chains are unsustainable

Prof Tim Benton, Dean of Strategic Research Initiatives, University of Leeds and Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Chatham House


Business-as-usual is not sustainable, but what does this mean for supply chains?

Tim brings to light the rapidly accelerating challenges to the resilience of food and consumer goods supply chains. These include extreme weather, geopolitics, political instability, trade wars, and local difficulties such as Brexit.

Tim unveils changing consumption patterns of and shares his outlook on their implications for our supply chains.

Together, we will explore the transformation needed to better prepare ourselves for facing our resilience challenges.


Q&A session with our panel of speakers

Your questions answered – engage and interact with our panel of keynote speakers using the event app. James will put the questions to Susan, David, Tom and Tim.

11:10 | Refreshments | Networking | Hub

11:40 | IGD Supply Chain Analysis streams

Customer centric

  • Phil Frost, Head of Customer Facing Supply Chain, Nestlé
  • Karen Jessep, Head of Operations Nespresso UK+I, Nespresso
  • Karl Donnan, Head of Supply Chain, Highland Spring Group

Philippa South
Head of Strategy & Collaboration
IGD, Stream Chair

It all starts with…Customer-centricity

Karen Jessep, Head of Operations Nespresso UK+I

Phil Frost, Head of Customer Facing Supply Chain, Nestlé UK+I

Nestlé will share how the concept of “customer-centricty” is evolving from strategic imperative to operationalised realtity. The Nespresso business unit is a fantastic case study which offers insights into how customer-centricty can be built in at every stage of the value chain. The benefits and learnings from this approach are scalable and replicable across the industry.

Customer centric solutions for all

Karl Donnan, Head of Supply Chain, Highland Spring Group

Common solutions are applicable to big, small, new or mature FMCG suppliers even though we face differing challenges. Wherever you are on your supply chain maturity journey, Karl will share how to ensure you have clarity on what you’re expected to achieve and are equipped with the skills and tools to deliver internal and external customers’ needs consistently, and business processes are appropriate and sufficient, whilst reducing costs across the end-to-end supply chain.

Resilient and responsive

  • Matt Quinn, Vice President, Northern Europe, CHEP
  • Helen Lane, Senior Vice President, Global Digital and Network Transformation, CHEP

Alan Hayes
Head of Technical Programmes
IGD, Stream Chair

Zero waste world – how to create meaningful collaborations

Michael Pooley, President, Chep Europe

Helen Lane, Vice President, Northern Europe, CHEP

The way the world makes, moves and sells goods is being transformed. Businesses are being asked to meet growing consumer demand faster, easier, and cheaper – and at the same time shrink the impact of their operations. Zero Waste World is a new working collaboration to help the world's leading companies grow while creating value for society as a whole.

Powered by people

  • Tamsin Jones, HR Director, Mars Wrigley UK

Alex Edge
Head of People Development Solutions
IGD, Stream Chair

Diversity, capability and a customer centric mindset – connecting these to deliver a great experience for your customers

Tamsin Jones, HR Director, Mars Wrigley UK

Mars Wrigley UK have been on a journey to attract, develop and retain diverse and capable talent and to join up the working of teams in service of driving the experience their customers receive. Making it easy for our customers to work with us is our ambition. We will share the integrated approach they have built to deliver this ambition and the initial results they have seen.

A view from the top

Alex Edge, Head of People Development Solutions, IGD

Hear the latest results from IGD’s 2019 Supply Chain Leaders Survey to understand how people are critical to delivering customer-centric organisations.

Transformed by technology

  • Ian Keilty, Managing Director, Wincanton
  • Sergio Scarcerieau, Zone EMENA Transportation Transformation Manager, Nestlé

Chris Irish
Head of Insight – Supply Chain Analysis
IGD, Stream Chair

Embracing technology to support Nestlé's transportation transformation

Sergio Scarcerieau, Zone EMENA Transportation Transformation Manager, Nestlé

Nestle have embarked on a transport transformation with the aim of optimizing cost, improving service and minimizing our impact on the environment. Transport is increasingly being managed using smart tools to efficiently drive tangible benefits. During the presentation, Sergio will describe how technology (including that of Transporeon) has played a role on this journey so far, and how Nestle are looking to new novel technologies to support the future of transport management.

Driving relevant and compelling innovation

Ian Keilty, Managing Director, Wincanton

Wincanton’s W2 Labs selects and supports dynamic and innovative startups to commercialise and industrialise their solutions inside Wincanton’s business to address some of our industry’s most pressing challenges.The largest British logistics firm with over 17,500 employees, 200 sites and 3600 vehicles across diverse industries is providing a vibrant testbed for rapid, agile innovation. Ian and one of the startups will share a number of transformative examples from the heart of the business.

12:40 | Lunch | Networking | Hub

13:50 | How to do business with…

The future of delivering into Tesco

  • Malcolm Talmage, Food Supply Operations Manager
  • James Rothwell Projects and Specialist Procurement Manager
  • Harry Oner, Supply Chain Manager

Alex Edge
Head of People Development Solutions
IGD, Stream Chair

Round Robin – three stations:

  • A view from the supplier: Accolade & WEPA
  • Empowering Suppliers
  • The future of delivering into Tesco

Hear from Tesco on an ambitious approach to influence the industry through bringing suppliers together to make our collective supply chains cheaper, better and smarter

During the break-out session you’ll hear first-hand from the suppliers involved on how we have maximised transportation to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Learn how Tesco has empowered suppliers to influence the supply chain strategy and how you can be involved in the plan for the future.

Working together to reduce waste in our supply chains

  • Meinir Childs, Head of Fresh Foods Supply Chain
  • James Poole, Supply Chain Strategy Programme Manager

James Tupper
Collaboration Solutions Manager
IGD, Stream Chair

An overview of the work being done by Sainsbury’s and its suppliers to reduce food waste from the end to end food chain

ASDA collaborative in-bound

  • Matt Wood, Senior Director - Ambient Supply
  • Chris Hall, Senior Director, Central Logistics

Philippa South
Head of Strategy & Collaboration
IGD, Stream Chair

To be announced.

More details to follow

  • Graeme Douglas, Supply Chain Director
  • Ed Northway, Head of Supplier Development

Tarun Patel
Solutions Director
IGD, Stream Chair

To be announced.

Keeping up with the evolving supply chain

  • Lee Robertshaw, Head of Supply Chain
  • Ben Kisby, Head of Commercial Strategy & Planning
  • Chris Machin, Category Supply Manager
  • Jason Perry, Senior Manager Digital Strategy & Rollout
  • Lucy Masters, Imports & Exports Compliance Manager

Chris Irish
Supply Chain Insight Manager
IGD, Stream Chair

Our supply chain is evolving from traditional depot to store to now being omni channel with wholesale, franchise, online and FRTS. Discover how we’re reaching more customer’s than before.

Retail Business Transformation:

  • how enhancing our core business allows us to serve our customers more effectively
  • what implementing SAP will do for us in being more customer centric
  • how we’ve implanted JDA to deliver the customer centricity of right range, right store

Nisa Integration & Franchise:

  • owning and merging a wholesale business
  • aligning strategies to better serve our customers
  • using our new scope and levering it into a franchise business that can further stretch our customer reach

Online & Live Nations:

  • further expanding our reach to a new customer base
  • festival stores and online customers via that last mile

14:50 | Refreshments | Networking | Hub

15:20 | Customer Centric – supply chain strategies


Session introduction

James Walton, Chief Economist, IGD, Summit Chair



Change and the opportunities for supply chain

Andrew Higginson, Chairman, Morrisons


Find out, from a business leader’s perspective, how our industry has changed in the last three years.

Discover what’s expected for the next three years as Andrew homes in on the growth opportunity and how the industry will need to change.


Supply chain: “Should I have joined the sales team?”

Simon Browne, Managing Director, Burton's Biscuit Company


Simon will share his perspective on supply chain management and reveal how it is at the heart of all customer-centric organisations.

Hear why supply chain functions need to rise above being functional specialists to become broad commercial leaders. Learn how to synchronise and optimise supply and demand from manufacturing through to customer engagement.

Simon began his career in supply chain and moved into general management. He’ll share the insights he’s gained in large multinational business and diverse consumer categories.


Customer centric transformation

Richard Lamb, Supply Chain Transformation Director, Tesco


Hear Richard’s views on customer centric supply chains. Recently appointed to a supply chain transformation role, he brings experience gained in online fulfilment operations.


Q&A session with our panel of speakers

Your questions answered – engage and interact with our panel of keynote speakers using the event app. James will ask the questions of Simon and Richard.


Building a digitally connected network

Discover the art of cutting through logistics capacity constraints with Daniel Buczkowski, Head of Expansion, Uber Freight Europe


To grasp the opportunity in road freight logistics, one must appreciate that the world runs on trucks. Yet, the industry is facing deeply rooted challenges for which there is no silver bullet.

In this keynote, Daniel Buczkowski will give you insight into what it means to run technology-led 3PL operations, and how a digitally connected network of Shippers and Carriers can advance the industry forward across all dimensions.

At its core? The deep belief of empowering collaboration.


Round-up: closing remarks from the Chair

Following the Chair’s summary of key learnings from the day, you’ll have everything you need to crack the customer centric code.

17:00 | Close