Supply Chain Hackathon

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Supply Chain Hackathon:
Improving Efficiency and Collaboration

Supply Chain Hackathon: Improving Efficiency and Collaboration

The issues facing supply chains are too big for organisations to tackle alone. The food and grocery industry needs to work together on them.

This a free event to encourage as many companies as possible to collaborate.

If you are new to Hackathons, they involve:

  • collaboration
  • creative problem solving
  • a rapid pace

We're bringing these elements together in the IGD Supply Chain Hackathon, providing plenty of additional input to inspire collaborative problem solving.

Why attend?

Join senior managers from across the food and grocery industry to solve the greatest challenges facing food and grocery supply chains.

Driver shortages, road congestion, increasing service expectations and higher input costs are all threatening profits. Combined with the uncertainties of Brexit, maintaining a profitable supply chain demands both collaboration and new ways of working.

Hackathons are active events where attendees work together “hacking” solutions to common problems. 

Come to our Supply Chain Hackathon to:

  • identify the scale of efficiencies that can be achieved through collaboration and data sharing
  • understand the benefits, challenges, and pit-falls of collaboration
  • find new ways of driving value for supply chains and organisations through collaboration
  • discover how technology can improve data analysis, opportunity identification, and collaboration

Who should attend

  • Supply chain directors and managers
  • Logistics and distribution directors and managers
  • Collaboration managers within suppliers
  • Representatives from 3PL’s, transport and logistics companies
  • Technology providers in logistics and distribution

What do delegates get?

Throughout the day you will work with other delegates finding solutions to major issues identified by yourself and other attendees. You will leave at the end of the day with your own “personalised prescription” of solutions including,

  • a thorough understanding of the major industry challenges and how they relate to you
  • new solutions designed to save you money
  • introductions to new contacts and collaborators
  • best practice from the day in the form of new insights, and case studies
  • all the outputs from the day including solutions developed by other attendees will be packaged up and shared after the event

What will the day involve?

  1. Macroeconomic assessment of the challenges facing supply chains, now and in the future including:
    • driver shortages,
    • rising input costs,
    • congestion,
    • emissions regulation,
    • increasing demands and expectations from both suppliers and retailers
  2. Lessons and recommendations from IGD’s collaborative pilot on data sharing in 2017
  3. Identification of the major issues that require a more concerted collaborative effort for industry to reap efficiency benefits
  4. Solution development. The greatest challenges voted for by delegates will be tackled using innovative techniques

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