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We offer a unique blend of retail engagement, best practice knowledge, practical commercial experience and passion for people development. 

Our team of 40 industry experts, trainers and facilitators have extensive experience in creating and delivering a range of customised solutions across:

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Markets, retailers and channels


Store of the future

Shape your long term strategy by using our vision for the store of the future

New market assessment and expansion

Better understand the opportunities for your company in new markets. We use our market assessment model to help you understand the opportunities and challenges you need to consider.

Retailer and channel strategies

Inform your business planning and retailer engagement. We provide you with insight on retailers' strategy and their future direction from our retailer assessment model.

Retail Safaris

Be guided by our local experts through the most innovative stores in cities around the globe.

Evaluating shopper appetite for specific channels

Inform ranging decisions, engage new customers, explore new innovations or the potential barriers in your channels with qualitative and quantitative research exploring shopper attitudes.

Successful Joint Business Planning Workshop

Develop compelling joint business plans by taking your team through every stage of the process, from the start of planning to how to evaluate the impact of joint business plans.


Successful Account Management Workshop

Equip your team with the tools, processes, skills and structures they need to effectively manage customer relationships.

In-store retail immersion for FMCG suppliers

Experience first-hand the in-store challenges of getting product on sale and identify how you should influence on-shelf availability.


Supply Chain: The Essentials Workshop

For those new to the supply chain this workshop explains the workings of strong supply chains, and helps new starters become more customer-focused.


Commercial Planning Workshop

Understand the commercial benefits of a robust and ‘ joined up’ commercial plan. Delegates create commercial plans that; reflect your company's objectives, outline the opportunities and activities by channel and contain robust commercial guidelines. They are trained to track and evaluate performance, understand risks and opportunities and develop appropriate commercially sound contingency plans.


Category insight, category management and shopper activation


Understand the triggers and barriers to buying a specific product or category

Explore the reasons for shopper behaviour. This quantitative and qualitative research will help you understand the importance of different triggers and barriers to purchase, and shape your future strategy.

Unpicking a category path-to-purchase

Understand the pre-store and in-store influences that lead to purchasing decisions. Our research will help you quantify the importance of different drivers of product purchase and inform discussions around fixture layout with retail partners.

Usage and attitudes studies to unlock category opportunities

Inform marketing and communication plans, ranging decisions and promotional plans. These quantitative-led studies measure awareness, usage and attitude towards specific products or categories.

Global category execution best practice

Be inspired by examples of the best in class execution in your category from around the world in areas like: innovative merchandising, price and promotional techniques, and shopper communication.


Understand data and use it to gain insight

Train your teams to distil large amounts of information into meaningful, actionable insights. This interactive one-day workshop takes delegates through the process from identifying the information they need, through to delivering actionable insights.

Create a category vision

We help organisations develop compelling and engaging category visions based on rigour and insight that grow categories with customers.

Successful Shopper Activation Workshop

A one-day interactive course to better activate your plans with shoppers. Underpinned by shopper and category capability expertise and our recent research and industry case studies.

Category Management In Online Retail

Train your team in the fundamentals of the category management process and how they apply to the online channel. Underpinned by our research, case studies and group exercises bring the principles alive.

Improving capability to enable better buying decisions

Identify the key processes and capabilities that require improvement, focusing on the areas that offer the quickest return on investment e.g. supplier engagement, range and merchandising, price and promotions, or developing a category plan.

Business planning, performance and process improvement


Supply chain capability assessment

Create a supply plan in line with the commercial customer vision, identify training and development needs and help you build a roadmap towards greater customer engagement. We'll help you review your supply chain capability, assessing your organisation from structure and people, to supplier management.

Future supply chain trends

Our analysts will help you better understand the impact of a particular factor on your business, explore the wider market, shape your future strategy or uncover the potential of a specific project you are looking to launch. We offer both quantitative and qualitative research covering a wide range of topics and factors affecting your supply chain.


Supply chain breakthrough programme

Help your team build a solid supply chain foundation fit to drive future business growth. A blended learning programme combining our online learning service, Supply Chain Analysis, with classroom based learning and self guided e-learning.

Supply chain process development programme

We'll work with you to map the steps your supply chain team take to deliver an outcome, finding ways to improve the process to deliver increased benefit to customers.

Raise business performance

Facilitated Future Scenario Planning

Help your leadership team identify plausible future scenarios. We then help you understand the implications what each scenario means for your company.

Performance Improvement Programme

We help manufacturers and retailers work together to explore and improve the end-to-end supply chain. These facilitated group activities involve both organisations in varied activities including taking groups to ‘walk the supply chain’ together and observe parts of the process that they would otherwise never get to experience.

Successful Line Management Workshop

A two day workshop for first time line managers moving from team member to team leader. It explores: how to convert your organisation's goals into compelling team objectives, and how to develop meaningful relationships with team members that motivates them to deliver great performance.

Coaching for performance

Learn how to take a coaching approach to enable others to create, own, and deliver sustainable solutions. This course helps you gain time back to think, by coaching your teams to think for themselves.

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