About Mentoring

This programme provides you with the opportunity for personal and professional growth and gives you a broader understanding of the supply chain.

Mentoring gives you and your future supply chain talent unique development opportunities through cross-company mentoring in the food and grocery industry.

You will be paired with leaders from non-competitive businesses to achieve learning outcomes within a supportive framework provided free of charge by IGD.

The focus is on maximising value to mentors as well as mentees. Mentoring is has been growing year-on-year from 34 mentors and mentees in 2013, to almost 300 in 2018.

Find out more about the programme and who to nominate in our Nomination guidelines

How to get involved in Mentoring

Interested? Register your interest today and we’ll let you know when nominations open for 2019. 

Register your interest

Please note that to take part, you must work for a customer (i.e. retailer, wholesaler or foodservice provider) or supplier of FMCG products. Each business involved will be asked to nominate both mentors and mentees to guarantee each participant a partner.

What makes Mentoring special


Recent feedback

The mentoring programme receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from both mentors and mentees. Over 80% of those taking part agree that the programme has provided personal and professional growth, while also giving a broader understanding of the supply chain.

"Having struggled to discuss my career aspirations and development internally with managers I have found it very useful having an external perspective on my development and future opportunities"


"Not only do I feel I am helping my mentee on his journey, but revisiting my own and learning from the experience"

"This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity, and like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out" 


"Excellent experience and opportunity to discuss my key development areas outside of my own organisation"


"I am finding this programme a great success, both personally and professionally"


The UK talent workgroup is appealing to supply chain and logistics directors to get involved next year by nominating both a mentor and mentee or more.

How it works

Mentoring works at two relationship levels as shown. At the upper level, Supply Chain Directors (or similar) mentor the direct reports of other companies' Supply Chain Directors; Senior Leaders / Heads of Department / Function (e.g. Head of Planning, Senior Supply Manager, Logistics Development Manager).

At the lower level of relationship, other Senior Leaders / Heads of Department / Function mentor other companies’ Middle / Functional Managers from (e.g. Quality Manager, Demand and Fulfilment Manager, Customer Logistics Leader).


Expectations of mentors

  • Provide sound advice on the mentee's development goals and concerns
  • Provide honest and fair feedback
  • Be reliable

Expectations of both

  • Decide on mentoring goals early on
  • Accept the relationship for 10 months
  • Meet mentoring partner at least three times
  • Complete short feedback surveys
  • Notify IGD of any changes in circumstances

Expectations of mentees

  • 'Own' the relationship – take the initiative to set up meetings
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to learn

How many mentors and mentees should I nominate?

Companies nominate mentors and mentees in equal number. We aim to make Mentoring a sustainable programme, one that will fully exploit the development opportunity while maintaining involvement as aspirational and a source of pride for your colleagues. Therefore, when nominating, please consider the total number of supply chain people at each level in your business.

Supply Chain Directors / Top Executives

Mentors: 50% of your supply chain professionals at this

Senior Leaders / Heads of Department / Function

Mentees: Equal number to previous guideline

Mentors: 50% of your supply chain professionals at this level

Middle / Functional Managers

Mentees: Equal number to previous guideline