Key competencies for success

We have identified eight key supply chain competencies.

These competencies are essential skills that every supply chain professional needs to demonstrate to be successful. They are specific and tailored to supply chain careers whether in entry-level, middle-management or senior roles.

This section doesn't cover the more generic, but still important, skills that you might need to consider: such as leadership, influencing etc., that apply across different functions.

The competencies have been written with your development in mind, outlining the different levels at which they could be displayed. In the development section, you'll find mechanisms that will help you move through the levels or develop new competencies.

As a guide, below is an indication of how each level could relate to the different stages of your career:

  • Level 1 - coordinator / associate / non-manager roles
  • Level 2 - team leader / supervisor roles
  • Level 3 - functional head / department head roles
  • Level 4 - senior manager roles