Developing your supply chain people

The development matrix

We've developed a matrix that can help with your own development, and that of your team. Some of the key principles we have used to create this resource:

1. Development opportunities can fall into three key areas

  • Things you can do yourself, either on-the-job or independently (70%)
  • Learning through others i.e. coaching or mentoring (20%)
  • Formal learning experiences e.g. classroom training or off-the-job (10%)

2. Our matrix links activities to different competencies to help drive maximum benefit from them

3. We've demonstrated which activities are most appropriate for individuals at different stages in their careers.

  • High Performer - Established in role (A)
  • High Potential - Ones to watch! (B)
  • Entry Level - New/Graduate (C)
  • Entry Level - Established in previous (i.e. new in role/recent breadth (move etc)  (D)
  • Contributor (E)

Diagram explaining the development matrix. Download your copy below

You can download the matrix here

Case studies

These case studies were compiled and prepared by the organisations involved. They are designed to give you an insight into the different ways in which companies develop their people and will hopefully help you decide if they are right for you or members of your team.