Supply Chain Collaboration

The Supply Chain Leaders Forum champions Supply Chain Collaboration. It brings companies together to help them serve consumers better, faster, at less cost and in a more sustainable way.

Formerly named ECR UK, the change of name better reflects this broad ambition. The projects that were part of ECR UK historically will continue to be sponsored by the Supply Chain Leaders Forum.


supply chain professionals from our talent programmes


companies took part in our award winning mentoring scheme in 2019


companies took part in our Horizons programme in 2019

"This was a great experience for me, one that I haven't had before, it was great to be able to talk to someone outside of our business who had a lot of experience and was able to share this with me. It has made me feel more confident and able to deal better with the challenges I face.“

Previous mentee feedback

"This was a positive experience and a good opportunity to get a flavour of life in a different organisation, and hopefully provide some guidance to a mentee that will benefit them for the future.”

Previous mentor feedback

"It has made me appreciate the wider supply chain network and what feeds into production.”

horizons participant 2019

"The horizons programme epitomizes strong cross company collaboration at its best! ”

horizons host 2019


We can provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth whilst giving a broader understanding of the supply chain


We can help you better understand and be more collaborative in your everyday work, both across functions in your business and with other companies.

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