Supply Chain Collaboration

The Supply Chain Leaders Forum champions Supply Chain Collaboration. It brings companies together to help them serve consumers better, faster, at less cost and in a more sustainable way.

Formerly named ECR UK, the change of name better reflects this broad ambition. The projects that were part of ECR UK historically will continue to be sponsored by the Supply Chain Leaders Forum.


supply chain professionals benefited from our talent programmes


companies took part in our award winning mentoring scheme in 2018


companies took part in our Horizons programme in 2018

“Many of my team have benefited immensely from the mentoring scheme but I have seen the most individual benefits come from the Horizons programme.”

David Hix, Supply Chain Director, Nestle, and Workgroup Co-Chair


We can provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth whilst giving a broader understanding of the supply chain.

We can help you better understand and be more collaborative in your everyday work, both across functions in your business and with other companies.

Download our report to understand how supply chain excellence will be a source of growth and value for the future.

A new report bringing together the 2017 Pilot, the 2018 Hackathon, a Roadmap and perspectives on RWM strategy for 2018 and beyond.