Sizing up the opportunity: a guide to setting portion size

Date: 28 October 2019

As the international obesity epidemic continues to grow, many food and drink businesses are taking action through a variety of approaches including healthier reformulation and clearer labelling. Portion reduction is one tactic food and drink businesses can consider as part of their strategy to meet national public health targets and help to reduce calorie intake.

Currently there’s no established industry-wide method for setting portion size and there’s huge variation across categories and sectors. Over the last year, we’ve consulted with over 50 organisations to create a guide that aims to upskill and encourage the entire industry to approach the setting and reviewing of portion sizes more consistently, and ultimately look for opportunities to reduce them together.

Designed with product developers, technologists and nutritionists in mind, this guide will help businesses set, reduce and review portion sizes for new, existing or multi-serve products.

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Our latest qualitative research explores consumers’ relationship with portion size. We consider the risks and opportunities for reducing portion size in six food categories found in and out of the home.