Our Research Partners

Date : 11 May 2021

Our ambition is to make healthy and sustainable diets easy for everyone. Our project group was set up in June 2020 to collaboratively identify and test strategies to help shift consumers towards affordable, healthier and more sustainable diets.

We are working with the University of Leeds and over 20 leading organisations to understand the best ways to drive healthier and more sustainable diets.

To ensure our new research interventions are robust in their design and rigorously analysed, we are delighted to be working with the University of Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA).


LIDA brings together data scientists from all disciplines, opening up new opportunities to understand health and human behaviour and identifying what action is required to tackle the social and environmental problems we face.

LIDA has a high-level, secure data environment and experience of working with a wide range of partners, from small student projects to multi-million pound research grants.

They are experienced in signing data sharing agreements, making them an ideal partner to maximise our research and realise its potential.

Meet the team

We are committed to share our findings publicly and widely, communicating our results at the earliest opportunities.

How are we working with the CGF?

The CGF and IGD, working with the food and consumer goods industry, have a shared ambition to help consumers adopt healthier and more sustainable diets.

Now more than ever, healthy, and sustainable diets are at the forefront of business and public agendas and have become an urgent priority for communities across the globe.

For many years, The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and IGD have worked on respective projects to drive positive change in the consumer goods industry and for the people they serve worldwide. Through its Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition, the CGF drives collaborative action to make it easier for consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families; while IGD convenes stakeholders across the food and consumer goods industry to address the economic, social and environmental issues that matter to us all, driving tangible change to deliver social impact.

The parallels are clear. The common CGF-IGD ambition to facilitate healthier and more sustainable choices for people around the world offers a valuable opportunity to amplify efforts to drive industry collaboration, build knowledge, and share learnings.

By leveraging their respective resources, insight, and networks, the CGF and IGD aim to not only continue to raise awareness, but also drive tangible actions and inspire change – tackling some of the most critical health and sustainability issues facing the industry and world today.

More on CGF CHL: https://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/health-wellness/healthier-lives/