Aldi: Reducing sugar in cheesecakes

Date : 28 October 2019

In response to the Public Health England’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, the challenge of reducing sugar is embedded in Aldi’s Corporate Responsibility Policies. In this case study, Aldi share how it reformulated all flavour variants of their 3-pack individual cheesecakes to reduced sugar.


Aldi strive to offer delicious tasting desserts and a successful reformulation is one that goes unnoticed by its customers.


When aiming to reduce sugar, Aldi sampled various recipes with different degrees of sugar reduction and chose the recipe which is deemed most acceptable from a taste and quality perspective. Calories were also monitored to ensure there wasn’t a significant increase when sugar was reduced.


For this project inulin, a dietary fibre, was used as a sugar replacement. Inulin maintains the texture of sugar in products but doesn’t add the same level of sweetness. Getting the balance of full fat cream cheese with inulin was a challenge and took several versions to perfect. As a result, Aldi plans to further reduce the sugar in stages over time.

In this project, reducing the sugar improved the taste of the product, making the fruit flavour more noticeable.


All flavour variants of Aldi’s 3-pack of individual cheesecakes have been reformulated to reduce sugar and went on sale in August 2019.

Sugar reduction is an ongoing project, often using a step-change, gradual approach in order to take the customer on the journey and not jeopardise sales.

So far an average of 19% of sugar has been removed through reformulation, which equates to 145 tonnes of sugar removed from Aldi’s customer baskets!

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