Food Waste Reduction Roadmap

The first of its kind, this toolkit will help food and grocery organisations:

  • set an ambitious target for UK operations
  • measure and report consistently and with confidence
  • act to reduce waste, enabling UK to deliver its part in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3

Food Waste Reduction Toolkit
and Roadmap

The UK’s largest retailers, food producers and manufacturers, as well as hospitality and food service companies have committed to milestones laid out in a new ground-breaking industry food waste reduction roadmap, developed by IGD and WRAP to tackle food waste in the UK.

All have agreed to adopt the principles of Target, Measure, Act within their own operations, and to invite their suppliers to do the same.  This will bring consistency to measuring food waste, and increase collaborative work to keep the UK on track in delivering its part of the UN Sustainable Development goal 12.3; to halve global food waste by 2030.

The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap encompasses the entire supply chain from field to fork. Each business has agreed to:


Set a food waste reduction target for its own UK operations, aligned with, or contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.


In a consistent way and share what they learn.


To reduce its own food waste, to work in partnership with suppliers and to help consumers reduce food waste.

About WRAP

First established in 2000, WRAP is a not for profit organisation which works with governments, businesses and citizens to create a world in which we source and use resources sustainably. Their impact spans the entire life-cycle of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the products we buy, from production to consumption and beyond.