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Educator Hub

Here you can find free activities and lesson plans to help develop your students’ employability skills.

Welcome to IGD’s Educator Hub!

The free Educator Handbook and activities on this site are designed to align with the Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Guidance and can help you inspire students and prepare them for the world of work.

Using real-life case studies of young professionals in the food and grocery industry, students will learn how highly-valued employability skills can be developed at school and why these skills are important in the workplace.

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Classroom activities

Aimed at secondary students (Key Stage 3), each core activity is 20 minutes long and can be flexibly delivered in form time or extended and combined to cover a whole lesson. Whether you’re delivering a PSHE or careers session, a Food Technology class, or leading STEM after-school club, these resources will suit your students.

The food and grocery industry is huge! This activity explores just how many people, with different skills, it takes to get a sandwich onto our shelves. Someone like Amrit, a supply chain planner, makes sure it arrives fresh and on time.

Help students discover how they can develop valuable teamwork skills. Watch Anulika’s film to explore how she works with people as an HR manager and compare her role to assistant store manager Freddie.

Vic in marketing and Harry in digital have very different jobs, but both need creativity to solve problems and meet customer needs. Show students how developing creative skills at school, can help them get a job they love in the future.

Find out how Suzannah, an agricultural researcher, and Jamie, who works in sales, both need excellent communication skills to succeed in their roles.

This activity focuses on the value of practical skills and encourages students to consider the unexpected skills needed in the world of work. Emily and Joe both work in manufacturing, but in very different roles.

Explore how scientists, Pari and Natalie, use their analytical skills to test products and improve recipes, and help students understand how being analytical can help them make informed decisions about their future.

This handbook has been designed to support your careers programme and help prepare your students for making decisions about their future.

Download an informative poster on employability skills and a handbook for students, with advice on CV writing, cover letters and interview techniques.

The free summer schools give Year 12 scientists the opportunity to understand the role of science in food and to make them aware of the exciting careers in the industry.