About our programmes

School workshops


The school workshops bring industry professionals into schools to inspire and educate students about the world of work. 

These two-hour workshops are designed to give year 9 and 12 students guidance on the skills needed in the workplace and insight into the variety of jobs available in the food and grocery supply chain.


"I have three older children and I know how difficult it can be to make the transition from education into the world of work. Volunteering doesn't take up too much time and it's very rewarding to know you're helping young people make that transition." 

Mike Smith
Operations Learning and Development Manager, Brakes 
Volunteered on a workshop

Making an impact

In 2017, we trained over 10,000 students at 440 workshops across the country, with 2,500 volunteers going back to school.

  • 90% of students feel more prepared for the world of work
  • 73% of students would consider a career in the food and grocery industry following the workshop

This year we’re looking for more volunteers from across the industry to showcase the variety of roles available and help students to understand and develop the skills needed in the workplace.

School partnerships


This new initiative aims to drive deeper engagement between companies and their local secondary schools. Companies work with the school to run a range of activities that help students develop their employability skills. Activities include running a business studies class, factory visits or Q&A career panels with inspiring speakers.

Premier Foods

“It’s fantastic to give back to the local community by working with the next generation and I’ve got loads of ideas for different projects in the future”

Ryan Mills
Shift Production Manager, Premier Foods
Volunteered on a partnership


Making an impact

In 2017, we facilitated 20 partnerships between businesses and schools, training over 1000 students. This year we’re expanding the programme. 

  • 84% of students felt their skills and knowledge were developed during the workshop

Volunteering takes no preparation, it's about you and your experience. Register your interest here.