COVID-19 and shopper stockpiling 04-05 November

Date : 06 November 2020

Since the increase in shopper stockpiling last weekend which coincided with the announcement of a second national lockdown, stockpiling has slipped back.

On Wednesday and Thursday, there was a decline in shoppers claiming to have stockpiled to 45% compared to 55% over the weekend.

Stockpiling is highest among 18-24s (73%), ABC1s (51%) and those with children (52%).

Top categories being stockpiled are tins and packaged foods, toilet paper and hand sanitiser. With similar products being stockpiled now compared to in March/April, retailers and manufacturers should be in a better position to develop strategies based on past experience.

Less than half (42%) say they will or might stockpile, down from around three in five (58%) last weekend.

Shoppers are most likely to be planning on stockpiling tins and packaged foods (10%), toilet paper (9%), household products (e.g. laundry, cleaning items) (8%), medicines, hand sanitiser and frozen (all 7%).

There continue to be regional differences with claimed existing and planned stockpiling.

More than half in London (54%), Scotland and the West Midlands (both 53%) claim to have already stockpiled or bought extra recently compared to 37% in the North East.

Planned stockpiling is also highest in London, Scotland and West Midlands.

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