Foodservice and accommodation get back to work

Date : 04 August 2020

Data from ONS shows that the UK’s foodservice and accommodation businesses, mostly closed during “lockdown”, continue to re-open. The majority are now back in operation, in some form.

As of 29 June, to 12 July 2020, 78% of these businesses were trading, up from 51% in the previous two-week period. 

Encouragingly, roughly 30% of workers in the sector have returned to work from furlough, up from 18% previously. A further 21% are expected to return to work within two weeks.

Almost all businesses in the sector have taken some measures to improve hygiene and as safety, but the cost of this remains a concern – of businesses that are taking safety measures and are continuing to trade, 90% indicate that costs have gone up.

Source: ONS, July 2020

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