Consultation on long-term border development

Date : 28 July 2020

The Border Operating Model gives detailed information on how the UK border will be operated from January 2021, at least as far as goods movement is concerned.

This will involve significant change and a great deal of work for both government and businesses, even if all goes well. High risk of confusion and disruption remains.

Looking further ahead, the government is beginning to plan for further development of the UK border, affecting the movement of both goods and people. Strategic objectives for the future border are as follows:

  • To facilitate trade and promote growth
  • To detect and deter crime and other threats
  • To facilitate the lawful movement of people
  • To be resilient and adaptable

Major changes envisaged include:

  • Movement of admin operations away from the border
  • Use of technology to reduce friction at the border
  • Greater co-operation within government; also between government and businesses
  • Use of data to improve oversight
  • Improved capability for border staff and border users
  • Improved border operation worldwide

Initial consultation opened on 22 July and will close on 28 August.


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