Why it’s important to seize the seasonal opportunity

Date : 15 April 2019

With Easter around the corner, here’s a timely reminder on why you must make the most of seasonal events.

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To create closer connections with shoppers

Shoppers are increasingly looking to businesses to meet their needs and aspirations in areas like social and environmental responsibility, and health. 

Can you make it easier for shoppers when they’re celebrating seasonal occasions? Could you give them products or solutions in keeping with their broader lifestyle choices in areas like health, or sustainability? For example, this year we’ve seen some great ideas like Easter eggs in biodegradable packaging. 

You can drive incremental sales and win greater loyalty throughout the year by connecting with shoppers in this way.

To stand out amongst your competitors

There’s fierce competition in seasonal product ranges, making it ever harder to stand out. 

Some of the most successful examples we’ve seen aren’t truly innovative. But they are in the right time and place to capture a trend, moment or consumer need.

You’ll need deep understanding of consumers and future trends, and an agile development process, to do this.

To maximise reach across channels

Not every shopper will experience every touchpoint, so finding the best place to invest in the “magic” is crucial.

Maximising the social reach of one-off activations and pop-ups amplifies impact. The biggest opportunities remain in-store, where making displays more attention-grabbing and easier to shop will drive sales.

Voice technologies offer exciting new ways to engage with consumers at the point of usage. We believe this is an area to watch in 2019.

You can download our free report for inspiration on ways to capture seasonal spend.

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