What are shoppers’ plans for eating out post-Covid?

Date : 31 March 2022

Shannon Goldsmith


As we try to move ‘post-Covid’, shoppers are facing a cost of living crisis, which will change their perceptions of how they can spend their money.

With this in mind, we asked shoppers about their plans for eating out of home post-Covid and how they are planning for occasions. Here are three of the key findings. ShopperVista subscribers can access the full report here.

1. We are already seeing our divided shoppers trend in action

Source: IGD ShopperVista. February 2022. 1,000+ British shoppers

One of our key shopper trends for 2022 is divided shoppers – with shoppers who are better off having a much different experience during recovery from the pandemic than those who are less affluent. We are seeing more than a third of shoppers say they will not be able to afford to eat out as frequently as pre-pandemic, with this being most common amongst those likely to have the most financial responsibilities, such as young families. This is before the full impact of the rise in energy bills and national insurance changes in April, so we may see the divide between shopper groups widen.

2. Young and old shoppers will be key customers for operators

Source: IGD ShopperVista. February 2022. 1,000+ British shoppers

Younger and older shoppers are more likely to be eating out more than pre-Covid than any other age group. The level of pent-up demand and feeling of missing out is likely to be highest among 18-24s, who are also most likely to have the least financial commitments, meaning they are most able and willing to eat out of home more.

With deals and value being higher priority for more price sensitive groups, these two age groups will be key consumers for eating out operators to attract.

3. Special occasions are likely to be more protected

Source: IGD ShopperVista. February 2022. 1,000+ British shoppers

Our reactive shopping trend predicted that shoppers would be more agile this year, looking for ways to save in some areas to be able to spend more in others – we are seeing this here, with shoppers cutting back on day-to-day spending to spend more on occasions. In the run up to occasions, shoppers may be looking for more deals in store to save money and more deals from eating out operators to get the best value for their money.

For the full report, including key opportunities for retailers, click here.