Viewpoint: Economic woes worsen (fast) webinar

Date : 25 July 2022

Watch these videos for a deeper dive into IGD’s latest Viewpoint report: Economics woes worsen (fast) highlighting the impact declining household incomes and rising inflation is having on shopper sentiment and the food and consumer good industry.

Chapter 1: UK economy faces recession

Global inflation is starting to slow down growth in a lot of economies, the UK in particular. With weak shopper confidence and falling consumer demand, the UK is on the brink of a recession.

James Walton, Chief Economist at IGD, begins by sharing an overview of the leading issue of rising input costs and the impact of this within the industry.


Chapter 2: Household incomes in decline

Pay is rising fairly quickly, but it is not keeping pace with inflation, leaving most workers facing a fall in real wages due to the impact of inflation.

In this video, James moves on to share what inflation means for households and the implications this could have on businesses.


Chapter 3: Shopper sentiment remains bleak

In June, IGD's Shopper Confidence Index recorded its lowest confidence levels on record. Here Michael Freedman, Head of Economic and Consumer Insight at IGD, shares the latest research from IGD’s shopper Confidence Index and explains why IGD expects shopper confidence to dip further in the coming months.


Chapter 4: The changing policy landscape

Matt Stoughton-Harris, Economics and Policy Manager at IGD, rounds off our webinar by discussing the current policy landscape in light of the many changes we have seen over the last few weeks, and the key implications businesses should consider going forward.



In this video, James, Michael and Matt answer some of the audience questions following their presentations.


The report referred to in this webinar is the latest edition of IGD Viewpoint and is free to download here.

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