Video: be wise to portion size

Hannah Skeggs
Nutrition & Scientific Affairs Manager

Date : 18 March 2020

Watch this video to get up-to-speed on our latest research on people’s attitudes to portion size and get insights on how to help inform responsible portions within your business.


79% of consumers want products to be made healthier without compromising on taste, so portion size reduction can be a valuable tool for meeting public health targets. Evidence shows that larger portion sizes encourage people to eat more and this could be contributing to our increasingly overweight and obese population.

There are opportunities to nudge portion sizes downwards, without compromising consumer experience and it has been cited as one of the most cost effective and high impact models for reducing obesity.

This video explores:

  • Shopper insights - people’s relationship with portion size; risks and opportunities for downsizing 6 key food categories
  • Free industry guidance -new standardised principles to help you set, reduce and review portion sizes
  • Best practice communication - practical tips, resources to drive change