UK-EU border arrangements

Date : 16 June 2020

The UK Government has announced that it will neither accept nor seek any extension to the Transition Period for leaving the EU.

The UK has also decided to introduce new border controls with the EU in three stages to give industry extra time to decide.

  1. From January 2021 – Only basic customs requirements will be required such as keeping sufficient records of imported goods. There will be checks on controlled goods like tobacco and alcohol. There will also be physical checks at the point of destination or other approved premises on all high-risk live animals and plants.
  2. From April 2021 - All products of animal origin and all regulated plants and plant products will also require pre-notification and the relevant health documentation.
  3. From July 2020 – Requirement to make declarations at the point of importation and pay relevant tariffs. Full Safety and Security declarations will be required, while for SPS commodities there will be an increase in physical checks and the taking of samples: checks for animals, plants and their products will now take place at GB Border Control Posts.

For full details, see this LINK