The changing face of food-to-go: how it’s becoming food for later

Date : 22 March 2018

A large proportion of shoppers are buying food-to-go as part or all of an evening meal, we've found. Rhian Thomas, our head of shopper insight, examines the opportunities this generates for suppliers and retailers.

Food-to-go appeals as part of an evening meal

Six out of ten food-to-go shoppers (61%) have bought food-to-go as part or all of an evening meal over the last four weeks. What opportunity could this create for different food-to-go products?

Shoppers are looking for hot options

We found hot items feature in nearly half of food-to-go evening meal purchases. This echoes our previous findings that food-to-go shoppers want wider hot ranges. Think about what other hot items could become food-to-go options.

Evening food-to-go shoppers spend more

Shoppers buying food-to-go in the evening spend £5.83 on average. This is significantly more than for other food-to-go missions. As suppliers, this could be an opportunity for you to develop more premium products. 

How convenience retailers are benefiting

We found 9% of shoppers said they used convenience stores in the last four weeks to buy food-to-go for an evening meal. Many convenience retailers are already changing how they think about food-to-go, to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Some of the most exciting developments we’ve seen are in Norway and the Netherlands. 

Jumbo City, Netherlands

Jumbo’s Foodmarkt concept is a European leader in developing food-to-go in larger formats. It’s taking this skill into smaller stores, particularly the new Jumbo City store at Eindhoven station. Jumbo acquired foodservice operator La Place, and is introducing learnings into its own stores. 

We expect to see more from Jumbo as it targets different food-to-go missions.

Source: IGD Research

Deli de Luca, Norway

This convenience-deli hybrid has long been one to watch in food-to-go. Its recent development of new forecourt sites has encouraged it to also target evening meal occasions. It’s been adding eat-in areas and enhancing its offering with new ranges including burgers and pizza. 

Source: IGD Research

Opportunity for experienced suppliers

We believe there’s a great opportunity for suppliers experienced in targeting evening meal occasions, whether in retail or foodservice. To be unique, align your experience with food-to-go insight and customer knowledge.

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Rhain Thomas

Rhian Thomas

Head of Shopper Insight




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