Symbol groups: market overview

Date : 23 February 2012
Symbol groups: market overview

- What is a symbol group retailer?
- What benefits do symbol group organisations offer to retailers?
- Symbol groups infographic

What is a symbol group retailer?

A symbol group retailer is an independent retailer that is a member of a larger organisation known as a symbol group. A well known example of a symbol group is SPAR.

The symbol group retailer sector comprises all independent and multiple retailers who are affiliated to a symbol, fascia or franchise group. We eliminated any distinction between symbol and fascia groups in 2004, the latter having previously been part of our non-affiliated independents classification. This reflected the increased levels of service offered by fascia groups to their members.

Typically, symbol group affiliated retailers undertake to purchase a proportion of the goods they sell from their symbol group operator. There may also be other obligations as part of the agreement, but these will vary from group to group. In return for making these undertakings, members receive a range of benefits, including:

  • A branded shop fascia
  • Advantageous buying terms
  • Access to own brand ranges
  • IT and logistical support
  • Marketing and promotional programmes
  • Professional guidance and advice

What benefits do symbol group organisations offer to retailers?

  • Advice and expertise on trading, technology and equipment
  • Trading benefits – including promotional programmes
  • Marketing support
  • Shop fitting services that provide improved store environments
  • Ongoing support services

Symbol groups infographic

Symbol Groups infographic