Sugars: Improving information and messages to consumers

Date : 29 September 2010


  • Access research into consumers' knowledge of sugars and their understanding of the terms associated with sugars and sugar processing
  • Develop consumer-targeted messages about sugars
  • Gain information about the labelling of sugars on food and drink products, and the terms used to describe sugars in the diet

This report aims to help food businesses improve consumer understanding of sugars by providing guidance on useful and relevant consumer-targeted messages based on both current science and the findings of new research.

The report will be of interest to people working in nutrition, regulatory and scientific affairs, product development, and product design - or anyone who provides information to consumers about sugars.

This report also contains information on:

  • Recommendations for dietary intake of sugars
  • Levels of consumption of sugars in the UK
  • The role of food labelling and on-pack nutrition information
  • Scientific evidence for the relationship between sugars and health