Special instructions for seasonal agricultural workers

Date : 04 June 2020

Seasonal agricultural workers travelling to the UK will be exempt from the new quarantine restrictions which take effect from 08 June.

The government has now issued new instructions for these workers and their employers, to help them comply with quarantine rules. Key points are:

  • Before travelling, workers must complete a form with personal detail and the address of the farm(s) where they will work (ie: “speculative” travel, with no specific employer in mind, is not possible)
  • They should also have proof of their status, either a letter/email from their employers (EU workers) or a completed visa (non-EU workers)
  • On arrival in the UK, workers must go directly to the place of employment, preferably in a private vehicle. They may not leave their place of employment for 14 days, except in specific situations:
  • Urgent medical need
  • To obtain essential goods, where these cannot be delivered
  • To access critical public services e.g. Police
  • Funerals of close relations
  • To meet legal obligations e.g.: court summons

If no suspicious symptom is identified after 14 days, these special restrictions are relaxed, but normal rules over social distancing still apply.

There are also requirements for employers of seasonal workers. They must ensure understanding of, and compliance with the rules. Written confirmation that this has been achieved is recommended.

Note: these rules apply in England. Other nations have different, but, similar, arrangements.