Shopping and foodservice identified as common infection hazards

Date : 29 September 2020

Official alarm at the renewed spread of coronavirus continues to grow, with large parts of the UK now under local lockdown measures and other areas including London, are under close observation, with a view to possible lockdown in the future.

Areas currently under local lockdown include the North East and North West of England, the Midlands of England, South Wales, Northern Ireland, and Central Scotland. Since these regions include large conurbations, a large proportion of the UK population is affected (60% of the population of Wales alone).

The current Weekly Coronavirus Disease 2019 Surveillance Report lists areas of concern in England, divided into three separate classes, as per the government’s “Contain” framework:

  • Areas of concern
  • Areas of enhanced support
  • Areas of intervention

The report contains data from the “Test-And-Trace” service, showing the nature of identified infectious “contacts” in England.


The bulk of contacts are within the patient’s household or household visitors, as might be expected (Figure 22), but the most common risky activities include foodservice and shopping (Figure 23). Workplace activities are relatively infrequent.

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