Shoppers plan and shop around more to secure best value

Date : 08 February 2012

A lot more people are now planning before going out to do their food and grocery shopping, compared to three years ago, according to the latest IGD shopper research published today.

Nearly seven in ten shoppers (67%) plan most of their food and grocery shopping before they even get to a store, up from 47% in 2008.

Checking their cupboards, fridges or freezers is the most popular form of planning that people say they do:

Main shopping trip

Source: IGD ShopperVista, base: all main shoppers, Dec '11, arrow denotes significant changes over time

And they have also increased their shopping frequency: with half of them (49%) making three or more trips a week to their supermarkets, compared to 39% in 2009.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said: “Most of us are facing stagnant wage increases but rising costs, such as public transport or fuel prices. As a result, shoppers are investing more of their time in order to secure the best value when buying their food and groceries.

“They are trying to manage their budgets by making more supermarket trips, but aiming to buy only what they need. By making more frequent visits they are topping up when required and also hoping to secure the best promotions, stocking up when they see ones that appeal to them.

“People are also doing their main grocery shop less often as other forms of shopping, such as online or convenience stores, increase in popularity. Shoppers are also less inclined to do too many ‘big shops’ and instead, for example, wait for pay day to stock up.”


Notes to editors:

  • IGD provides information, insight and best practice to the food and grocery industry worldwide
  • IGD ShopperVista is a monthly analysis of British grocery shopper sentiment. We’re talking to a 1,000 shoppers every month to provide insight on their attitudes, motivators and barriers to food and grocery shopping, and what they expect to be doing in the future
  • 1,004 shoppers were surveyed by IGD ShopperVista between 01 and 31 December 2012

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