Seven reasons volunteering is good for the soul

Date : 26 May 2021

Volunteering is much more than just giving up spare time or providing help for free. Here are seven surprising ways taking part in IGD employability programmes that will help you personally and professionally.


1. Expands your network

Whether you are volunteering in a Schools Workshop or Work Experience Week every session includes volunteers from a variety of FMCG businesses, so you’re guaranteed to meet someone new – and to learn about what they do, too.

2. Builds your confidence

Many people who are put off volunteering with us say they’re nervous to do so. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is scary, but necessary for growth.

“Through IGD, professionals like myself have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge in order to help children think and plan what they want to do in the future, it’s easy to do, engaging and to know you can reach out to so many children and hopefully plant a seed of excitement or opportunity is a rewarding experience for all.”

R&D Platform Manager, Global R&D, Pepsi-Co

3. Helps you reflect and build on your own skills and potential

By encouraging the students to identify their own strengths and ambitions during activities, you’ll inevitably end up assessing yourself too, and it’s nice to have chance to reflect.

Interacting with students also helps you develop your communication and facilitation skills, while new environments can help you see conversations, problem solving and even creativity in a new light.

“Volunteering with IGD has been a great way to use my skills and experience to have a really positive impact & support young people across the UK. The sessions are always enjoyable and present a great opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learnt in my career so far.”

Social Innovation & Sustainability Manager, Danone

4. Inspires you

“This work experience week was such an amazing opportunity, and, in my opinion, I don’t believe many people my age would get an experience quite like it. It was extremely interactive with the quick-fire quizzes and challenges which helped keep me feeling involved. Overall, before beginning this work experience week I was hesitant but now after completing the week, I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity and would say to anyone else if you're thinking about doing it then just do it! I have come out of this feeling so much more confident and also extremely refreshed for having some normality in this current state! Thankyou everyone so much!”

February Work Experience Week participant

If that isn’t inspiration we don’t know what is! In return you’ll be inspired by the participants’ curiosity, enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

5. Shows your passion for what you do

We’re lucky to boast that some of the most senior leaders of our industry have taken part in our school workshops over the years and more recently our virtual Work Experience weeks. Follow their lead and show everyone how much you love your job, and your company.

6. Gives you warm fuzzy feelings

Don’t just take our word for it, our volunteers recommend participating in our employability programmes, so we know you’ll have a great time.

“I really enjoyed the session. I have only good feedback for the programme – it was very clear what our deliverables would be and the technology worked really well. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues!”

Senior Scientist, Mondelez International

7. Helps you make a difference

We receive lots of feedback from teachers telling us our workshops have developed the skills of their students.

If that’s not enough, 90% of young people said they felt better prepared for the world of work as a result of taking part in these IGD initiatives.

Our volunteers make a tangible difference to the future of the industry.

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