See the latest retail innovations from around the world

Date : 14 October 2019

"Eye-opener for what are the other retailers doing in the world, the modern shopping and the latest technology.” – A listener’s feedback on this webinar.

The retail landscape is changing fast, so super-charge your knowledge with this webinar recording showcasing the latest in-store and online innovations from around the world.

Watch the main session to grips with what is happening through the lens of shopper’s evolving expectations, and how technology and data are enabling companies to respond.


Duration: 13:47

Then get some extra insight by hearing how our expert answered listeners’ questions

  1. What is meant by early adopter? [00:14-00:57]
  2. Do self-scanning machines count as in-store technology? [00:58-01:24]
  3. What about non-tech examples? [01:24-02:33]
  4. Why is the UK so behind other markets for technology adoption? [02:33-04:04]
  5. What is the biggest change you expect to see in UK grocery in 2020? [04:05-04:27]
  6. How can small companies drive the digital innovation [04:28-06:26]
  7. Does technological shelving actually work? [06:27-07:51]
  8. Do you really think the digital ‘nose’ will become a big thing? [07:52-09:37]
  9. What do you think is the most exciting technology that is to come? [09:38-11:31]
  10. Have in-store digital applications driven an increase in the cost of products? [11:32-12:32]
  11. Which retailer is the ‘one to watch’ for these sorts of developments? [12:33-13:32]