Retailers: the five questions you need to ask yourselves about in-home unattended delivery

Date : 12 August 2019

In-home unattended delivery appeals to one in five UK online shoppers, says our ShopperVista* research. Younger shoppers show greater interest (37%) as do AB shoppers (28%) and those based in London (29%). 

For retailers considering or starting to use this delivery method, here’s what you need to think about.

1. Do your shoppers trust you?

Shoppers will already need to trust you significantly to begin using this service. But if you can deliver successfully and efficiently, their loyalty will grow alongside their trust in you and in the convenience of the service. 

2. Are your shoppers ready?

It’s unlikely that this delivery method will become mainstream in the short-term. This isn’t only because of concerns over trust. Shoppers will need to buy and install a smart lock so couriers can enter their homes. This could hold some back from taking part. 

3. Can you create extra value for your shoppers?

If shoppers are using solutions like this instead of visiting physical stores, they’ll interact with you less. So, you’ll need to create something extra to keep yourself top of mind with shoppers. Having the right data and using it correctly is a vital part of this process. 

4. Can you provide extra services? 

Improving convenience is about more than just delivery. Can you give shoppers something extra, perhaps through third-party service providers? For instance, home cleaning, laundry, pet-sitting or dog-walking services? This will help you extend your retail ecosystem beyond food and grocery. It will lock shoppers into the extended benefits you’re providing, thereby increasing loyalty. 

5. Where else could you deliver to?

As smart lock devices become more commonplace, you should look to deliver to other convenient locations for shoppers, like their cars. We expect to see growing competition amongst retailers to get goods to shoppers in more innovative, creative ways. 

(* Base: 708 online grocery shoppers, Jan’19)

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