New product spotlight: HFSS restrictions are driving innovation

Date : 28 July 2022

Lizzy McHugh

Health and Sustainable Diets Associate

Manufacturers have released a swathe of new HFSS compliant products ahead of the implementation of restrictions in England in October 2022.

Innovation around products that meet the new HFSS guidelines and will therefore not be subject to the restrictions has rapidly expanded recently with the following new launches just out or coming soon:

Snack bars

Both Nature Valley and Eat Natural have expanded their product ranges to include products that meet the guidelines of the nutrient profiling model so they can be located anywhere in store from October. Nature Valley Fruit and Nut rolled out two new flavours which are high in fibre: Apple, Raisin, Almond & Peanut and Cranberry, Raisin, Almond & Peanut. 10% of shoppers included eating more fibre and wholegrain in their healthy eating priorities.1

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Eat Natural has created new gluten free raw fruit and nut bar which fits the nutrient profiling model in three flavours; raw almond, cranberries and pomegranate, raw hazelnut, dates & peanut and raw protein packed peanuts, almond and cocoa.

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Mars have created non HFSS versions of Galaxy, Snickers, Bounty and Mars though their triple treat bars made of fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Image source: IGD Research

Breakfast cereals

Quaker Oats have released their No Added Sugar Simply Fruity Instant Porridge in flavours: Simply Apple and Simply Strawberry. Kellogg’s have pledged to cut sugar across its children’s cereals by 10% and salt by 20% by the end of 2022.

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Doritos Dippers have updated to include three new flavours which are non HFSS: Hint of salt, Hint of smoked paprika and Hint of Sour Cream. Popworks contain 40%-60% less fat than normal potato crisps and have three new HFSS compliant flavours.

As well as updated packaging, Walkers range of non HFSS Baked products have a new Cheese and Jalapeno flavour. All the Snack a Jack products will also be reformulated by the end of the year to fit into the non HFSS category.

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Two new Walkers Max Strong flavours were released following on from the launch of the core flavours non HFSS range 45% less salt; Fiery Prawn Cocktail and Hot Sauce Blaze. And a new start-up Insane Grain moved into the non HFSS snack market with its Baked Knobbly Sticks which claim up to 52% less fat than competitor crisps.

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There has even been innovation in the confectionary aisle with Mondelez International expanding its Maynard’s and The Natural Confectionery company offering to include products with 30% less sugar than their standard equivalents.

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And in biscuit’s McVities Digestives new Wholesense biscuit features 30% less sugar and 50% more fibre than a regular digestive biscuit:

Image source: Pladis

As seen above, most of the innovation seems to be around expansion of established brands suggesting that this is the easiest way for manufacturers to protect the taste of products but retain that brand visibility and in the retail locations that will become restricted in England from October.

For further information on the HFSS restrictions check out our deck detailing the promotional restrictions here.

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