Navigating beyond coronavirus – how could sustainability evolve?

Date : 26 June 2020

In these unprecedented circumstances, a sustainable food system is increasingly important to consumers. To help your business plan for the pandemic and beyond, IGD has developed hypotheses of how the UK sustainability agenda will evolve in the short and longer term.


The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives in the past months. It’s underlined the importance of a robust and resilient food system that functions in all circumstances and can ensure access to a sufficient supply of affordable food for citizens.

To help the industry plan for the next stages of the pandemic and beyond, IGD has already developed hypotheses of how grocery retail could change. In addition, the issues of health and wellness have been addressed in a similar way.

This report takes a deeper dive into the specifics of sustainability. We have created a set of five hypotheses, through a comprehensive process that involves current leading research, listening to shoppers and stakeholders and is supported by a cross-functional team of IGD experts.

These hypotheses will shift somewhat over time, and we will be watching for signals that core assumptions and underpinning analysis need to change.