The benefits of a happier workplace

Date : 13 December 2018

There’s a huge amount of research showing the benefits of happy staff. Happy workers are better innovators, negotiators, and team players. They’re also more creative, productive and engaged. Making Happiness your business model is also highly profitable, so go for it!

Here are some quick tips for injecting Happiness into the workplace

Make sure your middle-managers are mindful leaders

Being a mindful leader is a bit like having an extra antenna. It picks up additional information from every conversation. Mindful leaders can enter a room filled with people with different agendas, from subordinates to shareholders, clients, and suppliers; and craft a message that resonates with all of them. Train your middle-management to be mindful leaders and they will lead with authenticity, understanding, compassion, gratitude, and kindness.

Teach your staff how to approach life with a happy mindset

Happiness is a mindset. It has very little to do with what life throws at you. It’s the way you react and respond to what happens. Our brains have not adapted to the challenges of modern times; the pace of change, and the psychological stress triggers we encounter each day, as well as the constant need for innovation. We can all ‘rewire’ our brains, enabling us not only to enjoy the rollercoaster, but also to respond in a more creative manner to our challenges. Teach your people how to download human 2.0 for more happiness in a pressured environment and - collateral benefit - a positive impact on your bottom line.