Latest round of EU / UK talks ends without a deal

Date : 28 July 2020

EU and UK negotiators met face-to-face in London last week for a further round of trade talks.

A communique subsequently issued by the EU representative Michel Barnier expressed frustration and sought to manage expectations of a trade deal, stating that such a deal is “still far away”. Market regulation and fisheries were noted as major obstacles.


A statement from David Frost, the UK chief negotiator, emphasises that no movement is possible on either regulation or fishing but strikes a slightly more optimistic note overall. Mr Frost did, however, warn businesses that “no-deal” remains a realistic possibility.


There is currently one more round of talks, scheduled for 17 August, although further rounds could be arranged.

Mr Barnier has stated that October is the deadline for reaching a deal and implementing it before the end of December.

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