Inclusion and diversity: Understanding unconscious bias

Date : 08 February 2021

Recognising bias is a key step to increasing diversity of thought and to driving creativity and healthy challenge from individuals who see and feel things in an alternative way.

“My thoughts were challenged, and I was given a new perspective on biases. I feel empowered to challenge those biases I carry and investigate why they sit with me.” A listener’s feedback on the webinar

Watch the recordings from the live webinar session to:

  • Increase your awareness of different types of bias and where they come from
  • Recognise bias by reflecting on your own experiences and using techniques to interrupt your bias stories
  • Learn how to face into bias positively and proactively

We recommend you download the accompanying workbook to help you reflect on what you have learnt and actions that you could take to make positive change.

Video 1: Understanding different types of bias

Video 2: Experiencing bias

Video 3: Audience Q&A


Sam Redman
Sam Redman Consulting Ltd