Implementing the Pledge

Date : 03 November 2010

The following are suggestions for how to put the pledge in to practice.

1. Prepare

Put in place a system of internal reporting, assess current levels of activity and review previous experience.

Within companies, this may involve;

  • Defining what constitutes work experience and skills development opportunities within your business
  • Agreeing the areas your business will measure
  • Setting up a reporting process
  • Aggregating information centrally
  • Collecting and assessing the key learning points from activities to date

2. Plan

Develop a plan of activities to raise awareness of the industry and provide high quality work experience and work opportunities (eg. apprenticeships) which help to grow the confidence and employability skills of individuals.

Within companies, this may involve;

  • Setting qualitative and quantitative targets
  • Developing an action plan, for example, to raise awareness, provide work experience, provide industry entry programmes such as apprenticeships
  • Assigning ownership and clarifying roles
  • Agreeing senior sponsorship
  • Providing materials and guidance to support implementation

3. Deliver

Deliver the activities within the plan.

Within companies, this may involve;

  • ‘Adopting’ local schools (on a site by site basis), providing classroom talks, site visits and project support
  • Offering work placements for 14+ and/or undergraduates
  • Offering work experience and trials for disadvantaged groups
  • Offering industry entry programmes, such as apprenticeships and management training schemes
  • Implementing a quality standard for work experience and training staff in how to apply this
  • Incorporating materials to demonstrate the breadth of career opportunities within the food and grocery industry, throughout the chain

4. Review

Assess progress, measure the effect and share key learnings.

Within companies, this may involve;

  • Gathering feedback from participants
  • Tracking the longer term impact of this activity (eg, applications for work experience, conversion of trialists into permanent roles)
  • Acting on insights to refine future activities
  • Communicating progress and providing best practice examples, internally and externally